Flower Berry Essence

TonerMist by Marina Miracle

A hydrating essence with a mild scent of flowers and berries. Formulated with deep moisturizing hyaluronic acid and a strengthening probiotic ferment. Nutritious extracts and juices from cucumber, geranium, elderflower, cornflower, raspberry and strawberry soothe the skin, increase moisture and give the skin a new, fresh glow. The face spray is called an 'essence' because it contains active ingredients. Flower Berry Essence is therefore both a toner, mist and an essence - a hydrating 3-in-1 multi-product that can be used as you wish. It comes in an elegant glass bottle with a high quality mist pump that sprays thousands of small drops in just one pump, which feels very soft and refreshing and leaves your skin with a healthy glow. Flower Berry Essence is pH balancing with a pH of 4.4. This slightly acidic pH level is what your skin and the skin's microflora respond best to. The essence will help keep the skin in an optimal pH balanced state. How to use the essence: Use as a toner / essence after face cleanser and before face oil / cream. Can also be used as a refreshing and hydrating mist spray during the day. 1. Shake the bottle. 2. Spray 2-3 times about 10 cm from the face.


A lovely hydration boost that imparts a natural glow.