Geranium Face Oil

FaceOil by Marina Miracle

Geranium Face Oil is a facial oil that absorbs quickly and balances the skin. It is lightweight and has a pleasant fragrance of rose and herbs. The unique herbs nourishes the skin so that wounds heal faster and visibility of scars are reduced. Pure oils from jojoba, almond, rose, geranium and tea tree moisturizes the skin without clogging pores. Overproduction of oil declines, skin is mattified and left balanced and clear. How to use the Face Oil: Use the facial oil every morning and evening. Follow these 3 simple steps every morning and evening for a perfect result: 1. Wash your face perfectly clean 2. Turn the bottle upside down and shake the bottle well 3. Drip 4-6 drops in your hand and apply the product


Somehow this oil is both energising enough to wake me up in the mornings and calming enough to help me get ready for bed in the evenings!

As a former cystic acne sufferer who fully bought into the 90's myth that applying oil to the skin causes acne,I am in love with this product.Do yourself a favour.Quit dairy, apply Geranium Face Oil.