ART Shadow

EyeColour by MisMacK Clean Cosmetics

Ignite your Creativity with 14 shades of pro pigment ART Shadows. These shades can be used on your eyes, cheeks, brows, or anywhere your heart desires. The pro sized custom square compacts are designed to fit perfectly in your magnetic ART Palette. $21 USD Use them wet on your lip for a none toxic, mask proof lip stain. Contour and blush with the 2 Large ART Shadows (rectangle shape). 'Shade' is the perfect matte contour, and 'You Make Me Blush' is our universally flattering blush. One large shadow takes up two spaces in your ART Palette. $26 USD Peta Cruelty Free Peta Vegan Clean Ingredients Environmentally Friendly Pro Performance High Pigment Concentration


Hands down one of the best natural pressed shadow formulas on the market. Pitch Black is the perfect smudgy charcoal liner (in shadow form) that I never knew I needed.

Pleasant discovery via CertClean! Insane pigmentation, great staying power, natural ingredients, vegan and cruelty free product. I am impressed & want to try more.

LOVE the versatility of the Mismack art shadows. So pigmented! Plus you can create your own custom palettes.