Wonder Balm

FaceWash by The Clean Beauty Club

Wonder Balm is the best cleanser you'll ever use. Why are we so sure? Well, first it makes cleansing effortless. There's no need to use any other product when you have Wonder Balm. It melts off makeup, SPF, grime, bacteria, even waterproof mascara completely effortlessly. You can pack up your make up wipes, eye makeup remover, cream cleanser and micellar water. You won't need any of them ever again. Next, it leaves your skin feeling silky soft and nourished. No more tight and tender feeling skin after using a harsh cleanser or soap. No redness from makeup wipes. Definitely no stinging in your eyes after eye makeup removal. This incredible balm melts everything away and leaves your skin feeling even better than before. As if that's not enough - Wonder Balm is so full of antioxidant-rich & intensive plant power that our customers have even been known to use it on minor cuts & burns. They happened to notice by chance that it helped boost the skin's natural healing process. Have you ever heard of a cleanser that was so nourishing that you would choose to apply it to sore skin? Imagine having these potent & intensive ingredients part of your skincare routine every single day - this is why our customer's skin glows like a dream! All you need to do is • Warm the balm in dry hands before applying to your face • Take the balm all over your face (including up to your lash line) and watch your makeup and the day's grime melt away • Snap your #balmface selfie to share with us @thecleanbeautyclub •Take the cloth you've been soaking in hot water and wring it out - use this to gently remove all the balm & • Voila! Your face is beautifully cleansed & nourished!


Good cleansing balm with light scent, but leaves the skin feeling a touch oily even after rinsing.

Good ingredients, but I'm not a fan of the balm cleanser