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OdourCare by Ultrella

Natural. Powerful. Wonderful Three words that sum up Ultrella Natural Deodorant. Up until now, consumers have had two options for their armpit care – use an antiperspirant that uses aluminium to temporarily plug the sweat glands in order to control sweating, or use a natural deodorant with plant and mineral powders that ‘mop up’ the sweat on the skin. Armed with a research grant, we set out to create the best natural deodorant possible. With the added caveats that it could not include baking soda, it had to be easy to use, not stain clothing and most importantly it needed to have efficacy levels so high that it would hold its own against chemical alternatives. After searching the planet for the cleanest and most effective ingredients, the resulting product was a game changer. A natural deodorant that reduces sweat. The sweat reducing properties were achieved using an ingredient called IBR-Snowflake®, an aqueous extract taken from the bulb of the summer snowflake plant. This plant naturally produces some neurotoxic substances as a means of defence against herbivores and pathogens. Essentially IBR-Snowflake® captures and transfers the plant’s defence mechanism as power to freeze away facial expression lines and sweat. Blocking nerve signals and temporarily freezing muscle action is an efficient Botox-like strategy. (Botox being a common means of treating focal hyperhidrosis.) Clinical trials conducted by the ingredient manufacturers found sweat reduction of 36% after a one week period of twice daily usage. The deodorant is contained in a plastic pouch. The packaging was chosen because it was lightweight and allowed for it to be carried discreetly in a handbag or backpack. In addition, it allows for application straight onto the fingertip, meaning our customers don’t have to damage their nails during application. In addition the formulation contains inulin, a common prebiotic, in order to ‘feed’ the colony of good bacteria on the armpit skin. FYI the most common question we get asked by customers is whether they can put the product on their foreheads to reduce wrinkles. Our asnwer is no, but we tell people it would make their foreheads smell lovely.


Even more reliable than your best friend!

This deodorant comes in a pouch similar to what baby food comes in!

A little goes a long way with staying power!