Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil

FaceOil by bareLUXE Skincare

Age Support Elevated Face Oil is a specialized oil designed to support skin through the aging process. It will help improve the appearance of age related skin changes. Designed to be a natural alternative to retinol, this face oil will enhance your healthy glow no matter your age. The hero ingredient is pure bakuchiol at a concentration of 1.5%. Your skin will be left feeling soft, silky, and smooth. bareLUXE™ Skincare specializes in face oils. This active botanical oil starts with a proprietary blend of oils used for their anti aging properties including buriti, pomegranate, rosehip, and sacha inchi. Next, bareLUXE elevates the base blend by adding performance botanicals that work. These include: bakuchiol, imperata cylindrica, date seed extract and white lupine extract.


This oil was light and went right into the skin leaving a beautiful glow. If you are wanting something to evening out the skin and hydrate this is perfect. It also plays well with other skincare products.

Beautifully packaged product does not disappoint. It has a pleasing aroma, silky texture and keeps skin hydrated. Bakuchiol is the star ingredient and is said to achieve retinol like results without side effects. This serum was so soothing that I could use it directly after microneedling to bring down the redness. After consistent use I noticed that my skin which is usually very sensitive and reactive seemed less so. My skin felt more resilient and discolorations were less noticeable. This is an all star product which I will most definitely continue to keep in my beauty arsenal.