Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil

FaceOil by bareLUXE Skincare

Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil is a face oil for dry skin. Designed to have a high level of emollience, this face oil works to replenish and protect the skin's moisture barrier. It will help alleviate irritation and damage caused by dryness or harsh elements. This blend is made using hardy ingredients native to North America, Northern Europe, and the Arctic. Your skin will be left feeling silky smooth, moisturized, and recovered. bareLUXE™ Skincare specializes in face oils. This soothing oil starts with a proprietary blend of northern oils including cloudberry, rosehip, and oat. Next, bareLUXE elevates the base blend by adding performance botanicals that help to moisturize, soothe, and protect skin from harsh elements. These performance botanicals include: bisabolol, edelweiss, and marshmallow root.


This face oil was made specifically for people with dry skin or those living in harsh climates. It contains hardy ingredients that are native to North America, Northern Europe, and the Arctic, such as edelweiss extract and cloudberry seed oil. It also contains oils that help support the skin barrier's health. I loved how deeply hydrating this oil is, and how it was also soothing to my sensitive skin. Because this is so moisturizing, it may not be the best fit for more oily skin types.

The ingredients used in this product is what separated it from the others. The gentle scent and silky texture made this a really incredible product, especially for dry skin