Franchine Young Ireland FYI Wonderbalm

FaceCream by Franchine Young Ireland

Infused with a unique blend of oils including Organic Non GM Rapeseed, precious essential oils that include Frankincense and Myrrh, it acts as a cleanser and/or moisturiser depending on the condition of the skin. Especially suited for those undergoing hormonal change, it works to repair and restore, leaving the complexion softer, hydrated and with a radiant healthy glow.


a luxurious balm for serious hydration. it melted into my skin and didnt cause any breakouts. Lovely scent and overall reallly loved the moisturizing effect on my skin after just a few short weeks.

This balm is great for face and neck massage using a Gua Sha to help with lymphatic drainage. This multi-tasking balm is best for dry skin, and mature skin, and deeply moisturizes your skin in dry and cold weather. Better used in winter for normal to oily skin.

Franchine Young Wonder Balm is gentle and suits any skin type. It’s an all around skin balm for the face and other parts of the body that needs some TLC. It is soothing so it’s perfect for dry, irritated skin and it’s even perfect to soothe the skin after a laser removal session.