Pink Clay Mask

FaceMask by Fyve, Inc.

Fyve's Pink Clay Mask combats aging and sagging skin with the combination of Sea Buckthorn Extract and Rosehip Extract resulting in firm, smooth, glowing skin. The pink mask comes in powder form, allowing the user to mix water, essence, or toners to their desired consistency. It goes on smooth, dries quickly, and the delicate smell of roses leaves one feeling pleasantly euphoric.


I really enjoyed this pretty pink mask. I especially love the fact that the ingredients are simple, and few. It mixes easily and turns into a lovely rose shade, which has a nice earthy scent to it. It feels good upon application, and rinses off with no problem. It did not irritate my skin, left it soft and bright and my pores appeared smaller.

I like that the ingredients are really clean, that's not taken for granted. I like the eco glass jar and the clean graphic, I would change the color of the jar cover to white or light pink. I less like to mix powders with water as a mask, because when it dry (which I also don't like= cus' wrinkles), It's very messy and It crumbles from the face and is very dirty, the powder is everywhere. But when I mixed it with glycerin, manuka honey, and high-end essential oils, it was divine! My skin was so glowy, plumpy, calmer, and wow!

An interesting product if you like to mix your own water into your powdered mask. It takes trial and error to get the exact proportion right for what you like. It's on the drier side of masks as it is clay based. It is a pretty pink colour.