Good Morning

FaceCream by Lendava Skincare

A maximum effect formula packed with a powerful combination of ceramides, skin superfoods, and an antioxidant complex that maintain a healthy barrier and protect your skin from signs of aging, irritation, dehydration, and pollution during the day.


Loved the creamy luxurious feel of this cream. I actually enjoyed using it at night, even though it's a "good morning" cream, it felt super hydrating for my night routine. Packaging was gorgeous, and although I didn't use the little application wand that it came with, that was a really nice touch!

Great packaging, so cute! Light fast absorbing, smooth and soft finish to the cream. Loaded with lovely botanicals that felt super nourishing.

My favorite packaging experience so LUX, beautiful, and modern. I also enjoyed the experience opening the package from the handwritten note and little hearts. I love that its refillable and unique packaging. I think the circle shape was modern and classy. I appreciated the little tool that helps you apply the cream. The modern bag was a nice surprise. I liked that it had a classic rich moisturizer texture and absorbed nicely into the skin.