Swamp Thing - Canadian Glacial Marine Clay Facial Mask

FaceMask by Lowen's Natural Skincare

Lowen's spa tested “Swamp Thing Clay Mask” is our answer to a clean, safe and effective face mask, using uncomplicated ingredients. Our unique formula starts with Canadian glacial marine clay (AKA Canadian colloidal clay - sourced from Vancouver island). What makes this clay special? It’s the product of the movement, erosion and melting of rocky mountain glaciers (which are sadly melting at an accelerated rate… but we digress) The very fine particles (resulting from this erosion) make their way down the mountains of British Columbia, through the many rivers and streams. Ending their journey by settling on the coast. Here the particles lie! Bathed in the pristine phytoplankton-rich coastal waters until harvested. Sounds pretty good right? In addition to Canadian glacial marine clay. We suspend the particles in a mixture of organic aloe vera and safflower oleosomes. Next, the aloe soothes your skin as the mask dries (letting the oleosomes moisturize your skin since as the clay does it’s job!) void of feeling like your face has been zapped of all hydration. Swamp Thing Clay Mask – helps draw out: environmental toxins excess oil dirt dead skin & other generalized nastiness… This combination of safflower oleosomes and aloe also conditions and calms complexions. After using Swamp Thing, your skin will feel noticeably revitalized. Finally this mask is vegan, cruelty-free, and suitable for all skin types. Also scent free + EWG Verified. Oh, and what’s with the name? Well our mask is green, we like comics and, in our minds, it made a lot of sense…


Something I thought was neat about this product is that it came in a squeezable tube which is unique to face masks. It had a nice smooth texture and applied very lightly to the skin, you had to apply a few applications to be able to get a thicker mask. I would agree its a detoxing mask but it shouldn't be recommended for all skin types. It does have a burning sensations which isn't bad but others with sensitive skin might have a bad reaction. Lastly when rinsing it takes quite a bit of water and that can cause dryness of the skin so using a rag is the best method at removal. I did notice that it was very great at spot masking, at the first sign of acne I would use this and was happy when the acne never went to full break out and went down overnight.

Excellent product that heals my skin immediately from blemishes. Has a slightly tingly effect and a light granular texture that acts as a slight exfoliant.