Boost Youth-Yielder

FaceSerum by PB SKN

Intense exercise has been shown to increase the rate of premature skin-aging due to the effects of free-radical production within the body. Boost Youth-Yielder is your youth-booster in a bottle, thanks to a sophisticated selection of skin regenerating ingredients. Bakuchiol, touted as the natural alternative to retinol, helps to improve skin brightness and firmness, reduce pore size, and smooth and prevent fine lines and wrinkles without the wanted side effects of dryness and irritation that commonly occurs with retinol use. Carrot, Quandong and Kangaroo Paw help to support skin rejuvenation, combat congestion and protect against free-radical damage with natural Vitamins A, C & E (the key free-radical-fighting antioxidants), while nourishing and strengthening the skin's protective barrier with essential fatty acids.


Centered around bakuchiol & other botanical extracts, this lightweigth serum has been feeling great on my skin. I've been trying to increase my retinol use ever since I stopped using Accutane, to keep my skin looking as radiant as it did and Bakuchiol has been an active of choice since it' doesn't have any irritating side effect. I would have loved to see an alternative to water as first ingredient though // Axé autour du bakuchiol (un actif aux mêmes effets que le rétinol, sans le côté irritant) et d'extraits botaniques, ce sérum à la texture légère a été le bienvenu pour alterner avec les rétinols conventionnels tout en prolongeant la démarche ! J'aurais apprécié de voir une alternative à l'eau comme premier ingrédient ceci dit.

beautiful packaging and design, good hydration and nutrition, easy to apply and quickly absorbed, overall very good, I liked it

This serum would work well for normal to oily skin in my opinion! I loved the smell and how smoothly it went on, but I felt like I needed a little more for my skin by the end of the day. Love the product overall though!