Facial Serum Oil

FaceOil by Penny Lane Organics

Our lightweight Facial Oil is full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. Reduces the appearance of aging and pigmentation, hydrates skin, and provides a strong antioxidant boost. Good for all skin types.


This was such a great hydrating serum and love how quickly this one absorbs into the skin. I'm also a big fan of the scent even though rosehip oil is in the serum it also contains vanilla essential oil. This oil serum smells amazing and its so nourishing on the skin.

This Facial Serum oil was a judging favorite. The scent is an enjoyable mild vanilla that is comforting. This facial oil by Penny Lane is a great minimalist tool to have. It’s reasonably priced. And you get the most benefits. The Rose hips in it is a skin beauty favorite. It feels moisturizing, once you apply it becomes velvety like a dry oil. Antioxidant and hydrating (reduces pigment which I have). Its power packed! It reduced my fine lines. As a 40 yo woman this product is wonderful! You could enjoy an antioxidant skin boost with Facial Oil.