Ambrosia Beautifying Serum

FaceSerum by PURA Botanicals

A luxurious, nutrient-dense face oil with luscious and softly herbaceous blue tansy from Morocco. This magnificent, antioxidant-rich azure blue oil is hydrating, fast-absorbing, and helps to boost the look of the skin, leaving a firm, glowing, silky-soft appearance. Rosehip seed oil contains, natural retinol- Vitamin A, and essential fatty acids, which are important skin nutrients that help diminish the signs of skin aging. Cold-pressed evening primrose oil contains gamma linoleic acid, which improves elasticity, and helps relieve redness and irritation. Rare helichrysum, otherwise known as 'Immortelle,' and blue tansy are beautifully calming for revitalized looking skin. Italian neroli minimizes pores, while toning and smoothing the complexion.


The scent of this lifts my moods. It has a lovely scent and the packaging was beautiful. This leaves my skin feeling soft and hydrating when it soaks in. Even though it's an oil, I like that it does not leave my face feeling greasy. I notice a natural glow from using this serum and it works well under my other skincare. It works really well in my nighttime routine.

It is soothing on first use But ends up feeling too oily It’s lightly scented which I appreciate