Become part of the The 2024 Annual Clean Beauty Awards!

Today's consumers are not only more discerning but also increasingly conscious of their health and well-being. They are on a relentless search for products that meet their ethical standards AND deliver exceptional results.

And they look to the winners of the Clean Beauty Awards for the best-performing products each year.

The annual Clean Beauty Awards is a chance for indie clean beauty brands to bring their products closer to the global clean beauty community.

Every product submitted is evaluated and compared by external clean beauty advocates and winners will proudly display the coveted Clean Beauty Awards Badge — the symbol of excellence, dedication, and innovation that goes into creating a product that stands out in the competitive beauty industry.

  • Take the global stage: Your brand deserves the spotlight! Get your products reviewed by clean beauty enthusiasts and shared with their global audience.
  • Gain industry recognition: Winning a Clean Beauty Award is a prestigious achievement. It not only sets you apart but also showcases your commitment to clean, ethical, and sustainable beauty.
  • Media Spotlight: The Clean Beauty Awards receives extensive coverage. Winners get featured in our blogs, social posts, and Ultimate Guide, giving your brand invaluable exposure.

Rise above the rest: Elevate your clean beauty brand with the The 2024 Annual Clean Beauty Awards!

Submit your products before Nov. 4, 2023.

Visit How it Works to know what is expected of participating brands. Make sure your brand and products meet our Eligibility & Standards. Need more information? Visit the FAQs.

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