How it Works

The Clean Beauty Awards is an annual event that recognizes the best performing clean beauty products in the world.

Stage 1: Call for Entries

Brands register and enter their products in the Awards programme online - enter here. When the call for entries is over, the brands will ship one unit of each product to their 3 selected judges.

Stage 2: Judging the Products

Judges test and rank each of the products (up to 7) within the same category (ie. 7 face serums) on efficacy and performance. Scores are then compiled and averaged to determine the top performing products in each category.

While judges work hard to test each product, we introduce the products to our health conscious community - on our blog, on our social media and on our newsletter.

Stage 3: Celebrate the Winners

The lucky finalists and winners are announced. Finalists and winners use the badges on products, packaging, web pages, and marketing materials to both consumers and retailers to distinguish themselves as trailblazers in the clean beauty sector.

Important Dates

Let's put the spotlight on your beautifully formulated products