20 Must-Try Clean Beauty Brands in the USA

20 Must-Try Clean Beauty Brands in the USA

Discover some of the brands that are making their mark in the American clean beauty space!
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Majority of the big players and household names in the American beauty industry are founded by the same conglomerates. Despite having so many new brands under their rosters, these companies barely have enough choices for people who are conscious of what they put on their skin. It can get overwhelming for those who are looking for cleaner options, but thankfully, the 9th Clean Beauty Awards opens opportunities to discover the right ones.

If you’re searching for new products to incorporate in your clean beauty regimen, we’ve gathered 20 of the top USA-based participants this year for you to check out. These brands believe in the efficacy of their formulations and the performance of their products—you’re bound to find something you’ll like!

  1. Unfiltered Skin Care

    Location: Bath, Maine

    Unfiltered Skin Care offers a full line of effective, natural products made with nutrient-dense, organic ingredients. They incorporate local Maine seaweed, beeswax and sea salt, with pure unrefined oils and butters. Brionne Beck, the creator behind the brand, takes into account the full spectrum of a product’s life cycle - how the plants are grown, product packaging, and even plastic-free shipping. The brand was founded with three core beliefs; sustainability, organic ingredients, and inclusion. By keeping these three principle beliefs in mind, Unfiltered Skin Care is able to deliver highly-effective, healthy products that target a variety of skin concerns such as healthy aging, acne, and even baby care.

  2. Adoratherapy

    Location: Asheville, North Carolina

    The word “adoratherapy” is derived from the Latin words “adora” (to adore) and “therapia” (healing). Adoratherapy believes that essential oils have unique healing properties. Their alcohol-free chakra-boosting essential oil fragrance blends go beyond aromatherapy and perfume. They smell amazing and provide alignment and balance, reminding you to reclaim your inner healing journey while supporting your practice of breath and affirmation.

    Based in Asheville, North Carolina, and launched in 2015, they believe that when we have the presence of mind and heart to be more adoring and compassionate with ourselves, this very feeling cascades into the world and all we touch within it.

  3. Earth & Halo

    Location: Culver, California

    Earth & Halo wants to be an example of modern skincare innovation. This vegan skincare brand not only promises to deliver exceptional results, but also aims to lead the industry in sustainability and activism. With their products, they seek to provide tangible benefits to individuals while preserving the beauty of our planet.

  4. Blissoma

    Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

    Blissoma is an internationally renowned personal care brand incorporating spa quality, award-winning facial care products, natural deodorants, aromatherapy and more. For over 13 years, Blissoma recipes are made daily with care at their vertically integrated, solar-powered herbal studio for complete ingredient control and freshness. Their modern, corneotherapeutic approach proves that gentle products can be incredibly effective and that beauty never has to hurt. Blissoma products provide unrefined, raw and nutrient rich botanical ingredients which bring skin into balance by restoring the skin barrier, rejuvenating the microbiome, and removing irritants. They are known for providing long term relief from sensitivities, allergies and chronic skin conditions including acne, rosacea, eczema, dryness, hyperpigmentation, and more. Blissoma skincare is used by over 150 holistic estheticians, is sold in 6 countries, has won over 13 awards, and is trusted by tens of thousands of people.

  5. BeeSpa

    Location: Bloomington, Minnesota

    Beespa Beauty Products are a meticulous blend of beeswax, vitamins and antioxidants to improve the quality of dry skin. The Beespa story began in 2014 when Diane Cook, entrepreneur and former spa owner developed Beespa hand and foot cream using beeswax as the main ingredient. Diane made it her business to seek out the best products for her clients.
    Beespa products are produced in Minneapolis, Mn with headquarters in Bloomington, MN. They are distributed nationwide. We pride ourselves on top quality ingredients with a substantial beeswax foundation.


    Location: Oldsmar, Florida

    The SENSITIVE SKIN brand is tailored specifically for sensitive skin. Their formulations, meticulously crafted to cater to sensitive skin, feature the highest grade 100% natural ingredients supported by the latest scientific research. Prioritizing skin health and results, the brand aims to challenge the misconception that products for sensitive skin are simply diluted versions. SENSITIVE SKIN products offer a sensory delight with rich textures, vibrant colors, and divine aromas. For women with sensitive skin navigating the complexities of finding a solution or contemplating giving up, the SENSITIVE SKIN brand provides a lifeline through carefully crafted products that not only deliver exceptional results but also bring comfort, restoring confidence and joy.

  7. IOKA Skin+Science

    Location: Newton, Massachusetts

    IOKA Skin+Science is a brand that merges natural ingredients with advanced technology. Founder Olga Goldberger, a molecular biologist, developed a unique liposomal delivery system that allows highly active ingredients to penetrate deeply into the skin. Unlike other skincare products, IOKA doesn't use emulsifiers, which can cause skin damage and irritation. Instead, the brand uses natural soy or sunflower-derived phospholipids to create effective, gentle, and luxurious formulas.

  8. Rosemira Organics

    Location: Sebastopol, California

    Rosemira Organics Skincare is an independent woman-owned company with formulations developed by Dr. Mira Herman. All their products are handmade in small batches without additives, alcohol, or preservatives. The brand maintains a minimum standard of 98% organic and 90% vegan, and there is no animal testing on any of the ingredients they source.

  9. Honey Girl Organics

    Location: Haleiwa, Hawaii

    Devoted to the Green Beauty Movement, the brand’s mission is to offer skincare that is as healthy and safe as the finest organic foods. Recognizing that the skin is a porous organ that absorbs what's applied to it, they prioritize using the purest, most natural, and organic ingredients in all of their formulations. Theirapproach combines the best of science and nature to harness the inherent power of nature's finest elements, promoting skin health and enhancing appearance. Each product is meticulously formulated and handcrafted, featuring certified organic honey, beeswax, propolis, and an array of organic oils and botanical extracts.

  10. Dr Orga

    Location: La Jolla, California

    Dr Orga is a vegan cruelty-free skincare brand that is formulated with only pure, simple, natural, and skin-friendly ingredients. Dr Orga's headquarter is in Seoul, Korea, and was founded by cosmetics experts who have launched and distributed numerous products for over 20 years. Dr Orga started in 2013 with a belief in Mother Nature's healing power and considers the greatest value to creating sustainable products for the next generation. Dr Orga's goal is to create sustainable products that minimize the impact on nature and animals after using raw materials from the earth, clean nature, and products using them.

  11. Rain Organica

    Location: Vista, California

    Rain Organica is a B Corp certified brand launched in 2020 and makes all products in small batches in southern California using Ayurvedic herbs and modern-day ingredients. Their products are meant to be suitable for all skin types, designed to meet your skin’s needs to achieve healthy, balanced skin. Developed by a research scientist and self-proclaimed health geek, Rain Organica claims to offer peace of mind through their products.

  12. Inez Laval Face & Body

    Location: Los Angeles, California

    Inez Laval Face & Body is the brainchild of Inez Laval, an esthetician with a passion for promoting healthy, radiant skin. Located in Southern California, our brand embraces the vitality of the West Coast. Inez Laval Face & Body launched the Acne Control Skin Care Line in 2021, driven by the desire to provide individuals struggling with acne with an alternative that combines the best of science and nature.
    They offer a range of meticulously formulated products designed to address the unique needs of those dealing with acne. Their approach centers on efficacy and transparency, with the aim to become a trustworthy choice for those seeking acne control solutions.

  13. PureTrim

    Location: Mesa, Arizona

    PureTrim specializes in providing a range of all-natural, anti-aging products within North America since 2018. They are dedicated to offering effective solutions that are gentle on the skin. Each product from PureTrim is carefully curated, utilizing the highest quality natural ingredients to combat the signs of aging. With a strong commitment to purity, they ensure that their products are free from harmful chemicals, parabens, and synthetic additives. PureTrim believes in promoting healthy and youthful skin while supporting overall wellness.

  14. Morrocco Method International

    Location: Paso Robles, California

    Originally developed over the course of forty years of global travel, research, and salon experience by founder and CEO Anthony Morrocco, Morrocco Method officially went public in 2002 as the world's first truly all-natural hair care company. Today, his range of pure, raw hair and body care products are still handcrafted in small batches in southern California without harsh, synthetic chemicals. Morrocco Method's emphasis on transparency and responsibly-sourced, wild-crafted ingredients reflects a dedication to using the purest, minimally processed components in their formulations, making their products popular among those seeking holistic alternatives for hair and body care needs.

  15. Rustic MAKA

    Location: Farmington, Connecticut

    Rustic MAKA®, a woman-owned company specializing in natural deodorants and body care, prioritizes customer health and well-being. Their commitment is exemplified through high-quality products that exceed contemporary natural standards, blending non-toxic ingredients with effective formulas, and upholding a strict no animal testing policy. Formulations incorporate a thoughtful blend of natural butters, oils, fortifying minerals, vitamins, and botanical extracts, ensuring holistic skin nourishment. Rustic MAKA takes pride in utilizing essential oils and isolates for scenting, creating synthetic fragrance-free products. With a core belief in transforming wholesome ingredients into effective, body-friendly solutions, Rustic MAKA stands as a beacon in the pursuit of genuinely promising personal care.

  16. Kaia Skin

    Location: Forest Hills, New York

    Kaia Skin is a holistic skincare company committed to producing cleansers, toners, and serums that are inspired by the ancient science & rituals of Ayurveda, infused with healing Reiki energy, and comprised of wholesome organic ingredients with no artificial, synthetic, or chemical additives. They believe that the integration of energy improves the efficacy of skincare.

    Founded in 2021, their mission is to share awareness of how aligning skincare products & rituals with the body’s core energy type greatly enhances the overall benefits. Kaia Skin lovingly handcrafts their nourishing, rejuvenating products in small batches in New York.

  17. Charlotte Cook Cosmetics

    Location: Victor, New York

    This brand was founded by Charlotte Cook during her time as a Georgetown University student, driven by health challenges that led her to scrutinize her beauty product ingredients. In response, the brand revolutionized the beauty industry, exclusively using USDA organic certified ingredients, adhering to strict standards, and holding esteemed certifications like Leaping Bunny cruelty-free, Non-GMO Project Verification, and Vegan Action. Established in 2020 and headquartered in Rochester, NY, Charlotte Cook Cosmetics offers a diverse range of clean beauty products, including lip glosses, lipstick, vegan makeup brushes, and soy candles, while promoting safety, natural beauty, and environmental responsibility, empowering individuals to embrace beauty without compromising their well-being or the planet's health.

  18. Laila Grace Clean Beauty

    Location: Atwater, California

    Amanda Ingram is a wife, mother, a former beauty queen and innovator of Laila Grace Clean Beauty. The vision of this clean beauty skincare line began after Amanda Ingram experienced hormonal skincare issues when her daughter, Laila Grace, was born. At the same time, she realized all of the ''clean'' products she was using had terrible neurotoxic preservatives and essential oils. The expensive luxury lines removed the toxins yet kept the essential oils, and for $200.00-$500.00 she knew she needed to create something comparable for everyday women.

  19. Nani Pua

    Location: Escondido, California

    Nani Pua Skin Care office and 157 acre farm is located in Escondido California. Our founder Laurie Miller has been inspired by her love of organic farming has led her to research botanicals that have positive benefits for skin care. Listening to women and the number of skin care problems that they deal with daily encouraged her to produce and launch Nani Pua in 2021. She believes that oils that are produced organically do have higher value not just for your skin & scalp but also for the planet. She packages her skincare in recyclable glass bottles and post consumer hemp fiber boxes.

  20. My Day Screen

    Location: Roswell, New Mexico

    My Day Screen®, a plant-based, mineral suncare products brand in Atlanta, was inspired by a skin cancer diagnosis. After her and her husband’s diagnoses, Susan Dudas, the founder, searched and searched for a clean, mineral sunscreen which looked and felt good on her skin. Not finding anything she wanted to wear daily, Susan decided to start her own brand. My Day Screen® offers tinted and non-tinted mineral sunscreen products that are packed with antioxidant and healing ingredients rather than synthetic ingredients. Their blue light collection has been lab tested for the reduction of blue light – in addition to UVA and UVB protection. Each My Day Screen® product is packaged in recycled materials (aluminum and PCR plastic) and arrives to the customer within a cotton reusable bag rather than a disposable carton.

Now that you know more clean beauty brands accessible in the USA, looking for new products to try out will be easier. If you already have some favorites from this round-up, don’t forget to further show your support by following their journey in the 9th Clean Beauty Awards! Stay updated via @certcleaninc on Instagram—you might see helpful judge reviews that will make you add to cart.

Want to add more brands in your steady rotation? Checkout 4 Family-Owned Skincare Brands and discover the the inspiring stories behind their signature products!

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