22 Amazing Face Oils for Every Skin Type

22 Amazing Face Oils for Every Skin Type

Discover the nourishing and restorative powers of clean beauty facial oils
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Protecting, restoring, balancing and nourishing facial oils are a fantastic way to strengthen and repair our skin barriers. Unlike serums, face oils are just that - oils. Brimming with skin-type specific fatty acids, face oils are intended to work alongside moisturizers, offering a way to retain moisture, lubricate and inject nutrients into the skin, not actually moisturize. The beauty oils entered into the Clean beauty Awards are composed of the purest oils. This is our list of 22 Amazing Face Oils for Every Skin Type.

Moments to Nourish

Bloem Botanical's concentrated nourishing balm soothes skin in the most beautiful way. With its striking blue hue of azulene compounds and Bakuchiol Oil, this powerhouse, active ingredient is known to be a natural retinol alternative without the photosensitizing risks.

Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Anchored by organic golden jojoba oil and infused with antioxidant-rich butterfly pea flowers, this intentionally-sourced Rejuvenating Facial Oil by Annmarie Skincare soothes, softens, and rejuvenates. A synergistic blend of moisture-binding mongongo oil and black cumin seed oil to brighten and revitalize and finished with luxe essential oils for an overall vibrant experience and glowing skin.

Moments to Cleanse

Bloem Botanical's gentle oil cleanser is rich in vitamins A, C and E along with Bukuchiol Oil to soften and lovingly cleanse the skin. This oil effortlessly melts away excess sebum, dirt, makeup and environmental debris while ensuring your skin stays hydrated and balanced.

Bakuchiol Age Support Elevated Face Oil

Age Support Elevated Face Oil by bareLUXE is a specialized oil designed to support skin through the aging process. It will help improve the appearance of age-related skin changes. Designed to be a natural alternative to retinol, this face oil will enhance your healthy glow no matter your age. The hero ingredient is pure bakuchiol at a concentration of 1.5%. Your skin will be left feeling soft, silky, and smooth.

Repair Facial Oil

Blyssen’s Repair Facial Oil is a daily moisturizer that nourishes while helping you age gracefully. Enhance your natural beauty with soft and supple skin. It is formulated with four plant-powered ingredients to nourish your skin's barrier. The fragrance-free formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin and is hormone safe.

Firm-Smoothing Facial Oil

Chorus Supernatural’s Firm Smoothing Facial Oil is an exquisite blend of rosehip, kukui and argan oils- rich in revitalizing nutrients, including fatty acids, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It is subtly fragranced with rose otto essential oil. Chorus Firm Soothing Facial Oil penetrates deep into the skin, helping to strengthen the skin's natural barrier while also locking in moisture.

Midnight Mirage Antioxidation Facial Oil

Formulated with rosehip oil and sea buckthorn oil, the Midnight Mirage Antioxidation Facial Oil by BAO laboratories immediately improves skin elasticity, replenishes the skin's moisture barrier and reduces the signs of sun damage. The combination of these natural ingredients reduces the appearance of pores and discoloration, enriching the skin and allowing for a healthy skin glow and finish.

Transformation Facial Oil

Lightweight and easily absorbed, this golden elixir by Dianne Caine contains anti-ageing plant extracts that help soothe and optimise skin renewal, leaving the skin feeling nourished and revived. Naturally fragranced with a delicate blend of Rose Geranium, Frankincense and Rosemary.

Sun Salvation

This red raspberry seed oil is known to provide a broad spectrum of UV protection and, in addition to hemp seed oil, is high in fatty acids. Sea buckthorn and broccoli seed oil can absorb UV rays, resulting in highly protected and nourished skin.

Bakuchiol Skin Booster

Dramatically improve the texture of your skin with Dianne Caine Australia's Bakuchiol Skin Booster, a 100% Natural and Organic, plant-based alternative to Retinol, without the skin-irritating side effects. Formulated with Olive Squalane and Jojoba Oil, this super elixir will help minimize fine lines and wrinkles, improve cellular turnover, skin firmness and elasticity, and stimulate collagen production. Enjoy a smooth and even skin tone with this lightweight and easily absorbed natural beauty essential.

Divine Oleum With Coenzyme Q10 + Chamomile

Rinascentia’s Divine Oleum With Coenzyme Q10 + Chamomile is formulated to cleanse, remove makeup, moisturise, and use as a face mask or hair treatment. It contains essential fatty acids and the building blocks of healthy cell membranes, strengthening the skin's barrier system, keeping skin hydrated, plumper and younger-looking.

Australian Botanicals Nourishing Facial Oils

Founder's Formula Nourishing Facial Oils includes 7 Australian Botanical Nutrient-Rich Organic Oils that quickly absorb deep into the skin, delivering a broad spectrum of benefits for even, dewy skin. It nourishes, hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Huna Rosehip Brightening Glow Oil

Huna's exclusive Multivitamin Complex combines high potency, high solubility and scientifically demonstrated essential vitamins A, C, and E to optimize the skin's nutrition and visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots over time. Brighten the overall complexion, encourage a more even tone and naturally fade the appearance of spots and scars.

Lotus Squalane Healing Facial Oil

Strengthen the appearance of dry skin and replenish your skin’s natural barrier with BAO Laboratory’s calming Lotus Squalane Healing Facial Oil. It uses all-natural ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin to nourish and retain moisture from deep within for long-lasting benefits. See youthful-looking and more supple skin right away as potent ingredients work to rehydrate your skin’s moisture.

#318 Botanical Facial Oil

Mangata Apothecary’s Botanical Facial Oil is made with gentle carrier oils and essential oils ideal for sensitive skin. It reduces puffiness and dark spots, improves complexion and skin tone and treats dry skin. The antibacterial and antioxidant nature of the ingredients makes it a nourishing addition to any beauty regimen.

Bare Essential Elevated Face Oil

bareLUXE Skincare's Bare Essential Elevated Face Oil is designed for irritable or reactive skin. This light, non-greasy face oil absorbs rapidly and is unlikely to clog pores. It is dermatologist tested, hypoallergenic, non-irritating, and strictly free of scent. Your skin will feel calm, rested and relieved. The moisture barrier is replenished, healing is supported, and the skin is left feeling soft and looking radiant.

Repair Booster

PUUR Ingrid's Repair Booster is a dynamic, repairing face oil ideal for aging skin. Specially formulated with a potent, antioxidant-rich active ingredient, this oil delivers collagen-boosting, detoxifying, and deeply moisturizing properties. Regenerate and glow with this anti-aging treatment.

Liminal Face Oil

Awaken your senses and transform your skincare ritual with Lavigne Natural Skincare’s powerful, poppy-infused blend of active botanicals that hydrate, nourish, and encourage resilience. Revitalizing Papaver Rhoeas (Ronacare Poppy) Extract is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags and the visibility of dark circles, improve over-skin density, support elasticity, luminosity and radiance.

Facial Serum Oil

This lightweight Facial Oil by Penny Lane Organics contains vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. It reduces the appearance of aging and pigmentation, hydrates skin, provides a strong antioxidant boost, and is suitable for all skin types.

Repairing Facial Oil

Ryes & Shine's Repairing Facial Oil glides over the skin and sinks in to protect and repair. With a combination of oils known for preventing skin cell damage, retaining moisture and repairing skin problems, Ryes & Shine's customer favourite facial oil is a must in your skincare routine.

Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil

Northern Rescue Elevated Recovery Oil is a face oil for dry skin. Designed to have a high level of emollience, this face oil works to replenish and protect the skin's moisture barrier. It will help alleviate irritation and damage caused by dryness or harsh elements.

LUMINA Under Eye + Facial Oil

Inspired by Ayurvedic teachings, Salish Sea Botanicals formulated LUMINA for mature, dry, and acneic skin types. Just 1-2 drops of Lumina will deeply penetrate to offer moisturizing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, softening, toning and anti-aging properties. LUMINA's light, silky formula is ideal for enhancing the suppleness and luminosity of the most tender and delicate skin.

When it comes to clean beauty facial oils, ‘nutrient-dense’ is an understatement. Rich in natural, limited processed oils, these products offer the purest form of skin care possible. With a huge list of skin-type specific oils to choose from, it is easy to discover the product that best suits you and your unique skincare needs.

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