Clean Beauty Awards Winners: The Best Wash Off Face Products of 2022

Clean Beauty Awards Winners: The Best Wash Off Face Products of 2022

These natural wash-off face products show your skin what pure bliss feels like.
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Cleansing, exfoliating and nourishing: the essential parts of your skincare game. Skipping just one of these steps can lead to your skin needing a lot of extra love and attention.

A good cleanser purifies and creates the perfect canvas. The right face mask gives us back the nutrients we lose throughout the day, and a deep exfoliation removes dead skin cells and keeps the skin free of unwanted nasties. After a rigorous judging period, the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards have come to a close, and these Top 3 products in the Face Wash, Face Mask and Face Scub categories are the winners you need in your skin care regimen. See what some of the judges of the Awards program had to say about these products.



First Place: Tri-Balm by Frances Prescott

Tri-Balm by Frances Prescott is an oil-based cleanser containing a blend of botanical oils formulated to melt away impurities and remove makeup. It is hydrating and nourishing to the skin, improving texture and tone.

The perfect three-in-one for travel. Multi-purpose and easy to use are a must in my busy life and this checked all the boxes.

Megan, 2022 judge


Second Place: Effortless Enzyme Cleansing Oil by Flourish Beauty Lab

Nut free + microbiome friendly with enzymes to brighten, this luscious, rinsable cleanser effectively removes environmental debris, sunscreen + makeup without stripping skin of it’s protective oils. A light, juicy whiff of pink grapefruit smells heavenly and then fades away.

I was hesitant at first as I do not personally like oil cleansers, but after my first use, it has changed my thought on oil cleansers. In my past experience, I have only encountered super dense ones that weigh down your face and take forever to be cleaned off. Furthermore, it effortlessly cleanses even the heaviest waterproof eye makeup! No painful tugging at my eyes either which is very rare for oil cleansers to me. The ingredients are fantastic and minimal. I love that it leaves my skin hydrated after washing off. I would definitely purchase this myself!

Hazel, 2022 judge


Third Place: Cleansing Gel, Refreshing Orange by Penny Lane Organics

A silky lathering cleanser that nourishes skin without stripping natural oils. This cleanser has a calendula hydrosol base to leave skin soft and hydrated.  A refreshing smell of fresh orange will awaken your skin and the cleansing effects will have you coming back for more.

A glass of orange juice for your face, this is a super gentle gel cleanser that leaves your skin soft and clean and your senses awakened! Perfect for your AM cleanse as a wake up! If you love a gel cleanser, you will love this formula and the simple, yet effective ingredients list! Organic and beautifully created, this is the closest to real oranges I've ever had the pleasure of trying in a skincare product!

Paige, 2022 judge



First Place: Firming Redensifying Mask – Ultimate Anti-aging Rêvolution by Zorah biocosmétiques

The ultimate anti-aging Revolution mask with pure silver tones plumps and thoroughly hydrates mature skin. Silver has been used for thousands of years in medicine for its healing, purifying, soothing and anti-aging properties.

This mask is amazing! It made my skin look incredible, I had gotten so many compliments asking what I did differently to my face. I was happy to tell them I didn't do anything but use a face mask:) It comes ready to go so all you have to do is apply it to your face with your fingers or brush. It has a nice thicker texture and rinses away with ease. Best mask for me!

Channon, 2022 judge


Second Place: Golden Carrot Overnight Relief Mask by BYROE

BYROE's ultra-creamy overnight relief mask envelops the skin in a moisture-locking embrace, intensely hydrating, brightening, and soothing reactive skin with antioxidant-rich carrot, vegan collagen, and reparative onion and ginger.

I absolutely loved everything about this mask! It was the first one I received and I instantly knew I was going to be comparing the others to it! It started with the very luxury packaging and gold screw-off cap; I was instantly impressed. The product coming out of a more long, narrow passage made it easy to control the output, which I really appreciated. Ultimately this mask won me over because of the overnight aspect. Being able to apply skincare & not worry about removal until the morning is extremely convenient while also allowing the ingredients to work for an extended period of time. My skin felt hydrated, soft and glowing the next morning and this mask became a skincare staple. Well done, Byroe!

Kellie, 2022 judge


Third Place: Swamp Thing - Canadian Glacial Marine Clay Facial Mask by Lowen's Natural Skincare

Lowen's spa tested Swamp Thing - Canadian Glacial Marine Clay Facial Mask is a clean, safe and effective face mask, using uncomplicated ingredients.The unique formula starts with Canadian glacial marine clay (AKA Canadian colloidal clay - sourced from Vancouver island). This clay is the product of the movement, erosion and melting of rocky mountain glaciers. The very fine particles make their way down the mountains of British Columbia.

Excellent product that heals my skin immediately from blemishes. Has a slightly tingly effect and a light granular texture that acts as a slight exfoliant. 

Andrea, 2022 judge edit



First Place: Frolic Skin Polish by The Potion Masters

Frolic Skin Polish uses both ultra-finely ground rice and fruit enzymes to gently buff away dull, flaky skin revealing a dewy glow. A balanced exfoliating formula perfect for all skin types. Frolic can be used on its own as a daily cleanser, as a second cleanse (after oil cleansing), or as an occasional exfoliating treatment. The texture is a soft, mousse-like cream, that rinses easily while leaving your skin feeling dewy.

This an awesome travel friendly full body exfoliator! I took this to Mexico with me and I would use it on my face and body after coming back from a long active day out in the sun. Its gentle and effective at getting off the dead skin while keeping the skin protected because it is sun safe!! This would be my go to exfoliator for hot summer days and can be used more often!

Lily, 2022 judge


Second Place: Moments to Illuminate by Bloem Botanicals

Bask in the nourishing power of natural clay exfoliants which are key to gently removing impurities, easing congestion and helping to shed dead and dehydrated skin leaving you feeling incredibly soft and lovingly illuminated.

The unexpected sensory journey this very effective exfoliant took me on was such a delight. The fine texture is the perfect hybrid for those who gravitate towards chemical exfoliants but also like to have a physical one on hand. The aroma was like a lovely personalized hand crafted cocktail. In addition the luxurious packaging is reusable and one that’s perfect to display.

Vani, 2022 judge


Third Place: BIOMAZE Microdermabrasion Balm to Milk Perfecting Cleanser by Sweetsation Therapy

Sweetsation Therapy's active butter-like balm deeply cleanses and refines the appearance of skin texture, softens imperfections for a radiant, silky-smooth, clear, and bright complexion. Using sugar chemistry it looks and feels like a balm, but once you start massaging it into your skin it melts, activating polishing action while providing a warming sensation and taking away makeup, impurities and dead skin cells.

This was such an incredible at-home microdermabrasion cleanser! The texture, the smell, the effect; my skin was baby soft after just one use! It was easy to integrate into my skincare routine, too!

Carly, 2022 judge

Your skin will be brighter, more nourished, visibly smoother and cleaner with these Clean Beauty Awards wash-off face products finalists. They are, without a doubt, the best in clean beauty face washes, scrubs and masks.

Keep browsing the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards finalists to discover the products to add to your skin care shopping list. The best in alternative body care including nail care, hand sanitizers, perfumes and odour care is here to enjoy.

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