Clean Beauty Connoisseur, Ashleigh Johnson Shares Her Top Three Eye Creams

Clean Beauty Connoisseur, Ashleigh Johnson Shares Her Top Three Eye Creams

Clean beauty judge and beauty influencer Ashleigh Johnson is reviewing the eye cream category of the Clean Beauty Awards
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Ashleigh is a beauty influencer, clean beauty advocate and one of the 146 Clean Beauty Awards judges. She has been obsessed with the beauty industry since she was a child, getting into her mom and aunt's makeup and skincare whenever possible. She loves finding quality, clean beauty products that make her feel like a goddess.

When the judges are asked to choose their top three favourite products, they make their selections because of a personal connection to the brand ethos, values packaging as well as what works best for their skin type or unique skin needs. The overall ranking system of the Clean Beauty Awards is a systematic scoring method based on a product’s efficacy and performance based on skin type and skin needs which means that personal preference and brand values are not always reflected in the final results. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to ask Ashleigh to choose her top three favourite products not just based on product performance which means that her selections may not reflect the Clean Beauty Awards winners. Ashleigh focused on the Eye cream category and selected her three favourites based on her dry, uneven skin.

Here are Ashleigh’s top picks:

Favourite Eye Cream #1: Nena Glacial Skincare Mineral Eye Cream

Enriched with Glacial Oceanic mineral water and sugar maple extracts, NENA Skincare's Mineral Eye Cream helps restore hydration in the delicate under-eye area. This cream is boosted by Canadian berries and an invigorating complex composed of probiotics, green tea, pomegranate, and caffeine. Rich nutrients and skin firming agents help depuff and reduce the signs of aging; NENA Mineral Eye Cream can help reveal brighter, refreshed, and younger-looking eyes.

Fast absorbing and super smooth, Mineral Eye Cream from Nena Glacial Skincare was Ashleigh's top choice:

“Nena’s Mineral Eye Cream felt wonderful on my skin and was super fast absorbing and easy to use! I love that it wasn't too heavy on the skin, absorbed quickly, not overpowering scent.”

Ashleigh describes everything she loves about this eye cream in her full review on Instagram.

Favourite Eye Cream #2: Leaf People Soothing Eye Gel

Peptide & Gotu Kola Soothing eye gel by Leaf People is a light and effective formula specially designed for the delicate skin surrounding the eyes. Their scent-free, ethereal blend with five unique peptides and antioxidant-rich botanicals fades the appearance of deep and shallow wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid formula glides on effortlessly, with a cool sensation, to smooth and brighten skin. This elegant gel may be used on its own or as a base layer under makeup.

The soothing, depuffing effects of this Leaf People Eye Gel was what Ashleigh loved:

“This was a great depuffing eye gel. It was soothing, just like the name suggests. It was simple to use, and I loved how it felt when I put the product in the beauty fridge before use!”

Read more of what Ashleigh had to say about this eye cream on her Instagram review here.

Favourite Eye Cream #3: Purodore Ceramide + Gold Firming Eye Cream

Say goodbye to fine lines and wrinkles thanks to Puro D’or’s Ceramide & Gold Firming Eye Cream. This instantly absorbing eye cream provides intensive care for the skin while restoring firmness and radiance. The Ceramide & Gold Firming Eye Cream strengthens the bonds of collagen fibres, creating a fuller look on the skin around the eyes.

Ashleigh’s third pick was fast absorbing and super lightweight:

“I loved how this product had simple packaging and was easy to use! It was lightweight on the skin and absorbed fast. The fact that it seemed to work in a short amount of time really stood out to me.”

The full review is available on Ashleigh’s Instagram account here.

Ashley enjoyed trying all of the products she was given. Purodore Ceramide + Gold Firming Eye Cream, Leaf People Soothing Eye Gel and Nena Glacial Skincare Mineral Eye Cream stood out to her as the most fitting for her personal values and unique skin type. If you have dry, uneven skin and redness, these three eye creams might just be the right fit for you.

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