Discover Freegirl Skincare's Gourmet Approach to Clean Beauty

Discover Freegirl Skincare's Gourmet Approach to Clean Beauty

Are you ready to uncover the secret to true beauty?
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Are you ready to uncover the secret to true beauty? Imagine a skincare experience that transcends the ordinary, where nature's pantry holds the key to radiant skin. What if there was a brand that harnessed the healing power of wholesome food, real ingredients, and holistic plant-based care?

Meet Freegirl Skincare. Faced with persistent skin and health issues, this brand turned to nature's pantry for answers. The "miraculous" changes they witnessed in themselves and their loved ones ignited a passion for returning to nature's embrace.

They crafted a skincare line that promises to deliver transformative results while you indulge your senses with a luxurious experience that rivals a spa day.

Certified by MADE SAFEⓇ, their commitment to authenticity and transparency was validated when their products took the top spots in the 8th Clean Beauty Awards. They vow to tackle greenwashing head-on by dedicating themselves to using only the finest, carefully selected ingredients to pamper your skin.

Are you curious to know more? Find out why this brand deserves the spotlight.


Founder’s Message

“We at Freegirl Skincare are honored to be among the finalists of so many incredible brands that prioritize clean and safe ingredients. It is so inspiring to see so many like-minded people who share our passion for living well and choosing non-toxic products.”

-Cathy Gay, President


Top 3 finalist in Face Mask: Freegirl Skincare - Ambitious AHA Gel Mask

Enjoy exfoliation at its finest with carefully chosen botanicals, high in alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) to reveal a brighter, glowier foundation. An essential tool for every skincare regimen, this exfoliating mask feels refreshing and light as it renews skin by activating the benefits of Vitamin C, plant acids, and enzymes. Bilberry, orange, and lemon-paired with exfoliating enzymes of pineapple and papaya- create a healthy glow while toning the skin. As dead cells are sloughed away, skin becomes more receptive to the botanical power of your serums and moisturizers!


“Quick and effective! This chic little bottle package a big punch. Brighter and softer in minutes!”

-Michelle Pesa, a makeup and skincare lover, dog mom, and foodie living in the Chicagoland area


Top 4 finalist in Face Cream: Freegirl Skincare - Sincere C Vitamin C Moisture Complex

Freegirl Skincare's multitasking, brightening Vitamin C complex supports healthy skin while improving textural imperfections over time. This exquisite moisturizing creme checks all boxes: regenerative, protective, and deeply hydrating-but never greasy or heavy. Each application is a sensory journey, from the silky feel to the spa-like scent. An abundance of Vitamin C & A improves the look of scar tissue caused by acne, deep wrinkles, UV damage, and hyperpigmentation. Carrot and Comfrey bring antioxidants, protecting against free radicals, and providing regenerative properties.


“What I loved: I appreciate the packaging and how the container only distributes out the appropriate amount. Other containers use open containers that can cause so much bacteria to enter in.

How if feels: This product works well on my normal, acne prone, dry skin. I can use a little to alot and it never feels oily. It seeps into my skin seamlessly.

Scent: I like the mildness of the scent as it is not overpowering. The scent is hard to describe, but a mixture of rose and calendula.

Disclaimer: this product's shelf life is 6 months.”

-Dana Fong, a non-toxic, clean beauty, and sustainable beauty blogger


Inspired by the healing power of wholesome food, real ingredients, and holistic plant-based care, Freegirl Skincare has paved the way for a new era of clean beauty. They have shown us that true beauty comes from within and can be nurtured with the gifts nature has to offer.

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