Hot off the Judge’s Panel: Top Clean Beauty Product Picks 2022

Hot off the Judge’s Panel: Top Clean Beauty Product Picks 2022

Clean Beauty Awards Judge & Proud Advocate Alesha Buston, Reveals Her Top Product Picks for 2022
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Alesha Buston is a Holistic Health Coach with a giant passion for spreading the word about eco-friendly, toxin-free beauty products. As someone who has suffered from eczema, autoimmune issues and headaches, Alesha has dedicated her time to finding skin care that can support her in healing these areas, rather than hindering them. As a Reiki certified judge, Alesha educates her audience on how to integrate mindfulness into beauty and recommends products that support a deeply calming and soothing experience overall.

The Clean Beauty Awards ranks clean beauty products using a systematic scoring method based on a product’s efficacy and performance based on skin type and skin needs. This means that personal preference and brand values are not always reflected in the final results. When Alesha was asked to choose her top three favourite products, she did so not just based on product performance but also her connection to the brand ethos, values and packaging. As one of the 146 Clean Beauty Awards judges, her thoughtful reviews gave a unique insight into some outstanding clean beauty face masks entered into the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards.

As someone with combination and sensitive skin, Alesha knows the importance of having a good toner on hand. She loves products that balance out both the dryness and oiliness within her skin, so when we asked her to give us the inside scoop on her top picks, we weren’t at all surprised to hear her raving about these toners.

Favourite Product Pick #1: Leaf People’s Clinical Nettle and Cucumber Soothing Toner

“This product made my skin healthy from the inside out. The scent was calming, light and it felt so cool on my skin.”

Ideal for dry, dull, mature and sensitive skin, the Nettle & Cucumber Soothing Toner with Hyaluronic Acid nourishes the skin without overstimulating it and brings it back into balance. This special formula includes a kiss of apple cider vinegar to draw out the minerals from water activated botanicals, with plant sourced hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to soothe, smooth and replenish for a radiant complexion and finish.

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Favourite Product Pick #2: Eco by Sonya’s Super Fruit Toner

“The scent of this toner is simply divine - one of the best scents I have ever experienced! Refreshing and hydrating and I loved that the product is biodegradable with recyclable packaging”.

Super Fruit Hydrator is a dynamic oil free moisturiser for all skin types. This incredibly light formula nourishes skin at a cellular level. It is intensely moisturising and naturally helps reduce the appearance of ageing. Super properties of Coconut Water help reduce the risk of acne and promote clear, flawless skin. Wild Harvest Plum contains strong antioxidants and super fruit properties to protect, nourish, hydrate and rejuvenate skin.

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Favourite Product Pick #3: Elva’s All Naturals GLOW Facial Toner

“I found the scent of this product to be extremely grounding and loved that there was frankincense in it as well as aloe. Unlike others, this one had a fine, gentle mist and it really helped to improve the overall texture of my skin”.

GLOW Brightening Toner with Bioflavonoids by Elva's All Naturals is designed to be used three great ways: as a toner, makeup setting spray and 'on the go skin refresher'. Formulated with a proprietary blend of antioxidant Citrus Bioflavonoid extracts, Witch Hazel, Frankincense, Geranium, Aloe Vera and multi-functioning essential oils to help improve skin's texture and absolute radiance.

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Through research and education, Alesha is aware of how much clean living impacts both us and the environment and she loves sharing this knowledge with her followers. You can find her on Instagram @loveandlightwithalesha.