Meet Hereward Farms' Award-Winning Face Serum

Meet Hereward Farms' Award-Winning Face Serum

Are you still in search of a luxurious face serum that won't break the bank?
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Are you still in search of a luxurious face serum that won't break the bank? Meet Hereward Farms' Lavish Lavender Infused Face Serum. This product has claimed the crown in the 8th Clean Beauty Awards' Face Care: Face Serum category and deserves the glory!

The name “Lavish” embodies this brand's belief that every individual deserves to be pampered and lavished with love, especially when it comes to caring for their skin.

And it's not just any lavender. We're talking lavender cultivated in-house. The result? Farm-to-skin products that promise to use all-natural, home-grown ingredients.

They spill the tea on how they harness the healing properties of lavender and create a natural skincare product that would elevate the self-care experience to new heights so you know exactly what you're getting. Get ready to indulge in this award-winning, pocket-friendly potion that'll have your skin feeling like a million bucks. Trust us. You wouldn't want to miss out on this clean beauty gem!


Founder’s Message:

I am feeling overwhelmed with gratitude and honor for this incredible achievement. Our progress in just three years is astounding, and it's essential to acknowledge and appreciate all that we have accomplished. Lavish earned fourth place in the Clean Beauty Awards last year, so achieving first place this year is truly remarkable for myself and my team. I am extremely proud of our success.”

-Julie Thurgood-Burnett, Founder + CEO


Hereward Farms - Lavish Face Serum

Winner in Face Serum

“This oil is worth changing up any routine for. I absolutely love the lavender infusion smell. It relaxed me at night and calmed me in the morning during my face routine. I noticed a brighter complexion and even had people ask me if I "got some sun" because my skin looked so good. I think they were just seeing the affects of this beautiful oil I used daily. Less fine lines and more glow!”

-Carly Taylor, a certified health coach, wellness blogger, and Lyme disease warrior who is passionate about clean living.


The unforgettable moment Lavish Face Serum created for their customers.

"So yesterday, a friend called me and said, “By the way, I meant to ask you what foundation you were wearing on Friday. Your skin looks flawless.” My response was, “It's not my foundation; it's the products I use underneath, the Lavish Face Serum and Nourished Face Cream from Hereward Farms.” Her response? “OMG, I HAVE TO ORDER THIS."”

-Tina H.


Why do you think the Lavish Face Serum does wonders?

If you're looking for a natural way to heal and pamper your skin, Lavender is a great choice. Lavish is a luxurious blend of natural ingredients that work together to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin. This special formula is made up of powerful botanicals and antioxidants that hydrate your skin and help improve its tone and texture. With Lavish, you can achieve a more radiant and even complexion.”

-Julie Thurgood-Burnett, Founder + CEO


“If you know me at all, you know I absolutely LOVE anything with lavender, so I was very excited to get to test out this Lavender-infused serum from @herewardfarms as part of being a judge for the 2023 #CleanBeautyAwards

This serum contains Lavender-infused almond and lavender-infused sunflower oil as well as lavender organic essential oil and smells absolutely amazing. Using this in the evening really helps to calm and relax me before bed.

The oil blend applies smoothly and is super moisturizing. Because of the extremely cold weather we've been having, I had a few dry patches of skin, but this serum seemed to help them go away, even as temps dipped to extreme colds this past week.

It goes without saying that if you are super scent-sensitive, this may not be the serum for you, but if you love the calming scent of lavender, you might want to give it a try!”

-Catherine Di Cesare, loves trying out new and different brands when it comes to skincare, body wash, and hair care.


As Hereward Farms basks in the glory of winning the 8th Clean Beauty Awards' Face Care - Face Serum category, the brand's long-term vision revolves around sustainability and innovation.

From recyclable packaging to waste-minimizing production methods, they're determined to save the planet and care for your skin, one pump at a time.

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