Natural Perfumes That Actually Smell Incredible

Natural Perfumes That Actually Smell Incredible

Discover the scent that speak to you with our list of six natural fragrances
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Natural perfumes are like going back to the roots of perfumery. They contain only the purest, most intentional ingredients giving them the purest, most natural scents possible. Artificial fragrance is one of the most toxic substances out there. As an additive in skin care, cleaning or beauty products, it can be detrimental to our health. But imagine the impacts of a development entirely made of artificial preservative-laden ingredients. The Clean Beauty Awards consistently honours the best of the best in the clean beauty world. The fragrance is no different. This particular category adds an extra element of personal preference. Scent can induce raw emotions and vivid memories, so don’t take our word for it. You’ll have to experience these natural fragrances yourself to see which suits you.

Oud Révélé

This all-natural perfume by Annmarie is carried by the rich and wooded essence of sustainably-harvested Oud. Essential oils of sandalwood and vetiver bring balance and warmth, while varietals of rose and jasmine uplift the senses with sweet florals. Luxurious and long-lasting, it evokes nature at her most pristine.

Harmonie Essentielle

The Harmonie Essentielle range is a concentration of pure nature that transports us to a calm, protective universe evoking memories of childhood, spring days and first flowers. Its scent is woody floral with noticeable notes of neroli, bergamot and vanilla.

Chill Botanical Roller

Mangata Apothecary's 'Chill' Botanical Roller offers a feminine scent with highlights of geranium and nutmeg. Essential oils have been observed to promote different emotional states, and this one provides a chill, relaxing feel.

Soft Rose + Sandalwood Natural Perfume

This natural perfume is beauty and wellness in one. Hand-poured and blended, Raw Nature's all-natural solid perfumes deliver a gorgeous burst of scent. Soft Rose + Sandalwood Natural Perfume has blush roses and tinges of soft creamy oak, making this scent fresh and classic yet new.

Ember Haze

Vahy’s Ember Haze perfume is inspired by the comfort of fireside evenings in cozy log cabins, alpine resorts and snow-capped mountains. Ember Haze fuses smoky woods with the rich, luxurious warmth of amber and vanilla.

Neon Neroli

Neon Neroli by Vahy captures the crisp, fresh notes of neroli, orange flower and bergamot, complemented by white floral undertones. Inspired by La Fontelina and seaside lounging in Capri, this nostalgic scent will transport you to the warmth and vibrancy of an Italian summer.

Discover the best of natural fragrances with the Clean Beauty Awards. From musty vanillas and ambers to citrus and fragrant sandalwood or spicy geranium and nutmeg, this list offers a scent for every style. Does sunny weather have you seeking natural sun care options? Clean Beauty Awards entrants for Sun Care are here with Six Naturally Sun Safe Products We Love.