Rosemira Organics: The Skincare Brand That Dominated the 8th Clean Beauty Awards

Rosemira Organics: The Skincare Brand That Dominated the 8th Clean Beauty Awards

Are you tired of searching high and low for skincare products that actually live up to their promises?
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Are you tired of searching high and low for skincare products that actually live up to their promises? It's like getting lost in a maze of disappointing options, leaving your skin feeling neglected.

But fret not, because we've got something special in store for you—a brand that combines expertise, passion, and the goodness of nature to create skincare wonders. Allow us to introduce you to Rosemira Organics.

Founded by a formulator, Dr. Mira Herman, who graduated from the renowned California School of Herbal Studies, she was eager to make her mark in the beauty industry, so she formulated her very first moisturizing cream—a product that still works its magic over four decades later.

As she continued her education and became increasingly frustrated with the inferior products offered by the mainstream beauty industry, she decided to advocate for change. She set out to create a product line that would redefine what true clean beauty meant. And thus, Rosemira Organics was born—a brand known for creating spa-quality, organic, and natural skincare specializing in mature and sensitive skincare routines.

But here's the exciting part: Rosemira Organics products didn't just win awards; they dominated the 8th Clean Beauty Awards, snagging top spots in multiple categories.

Get ready to witness the blossoming magic of Rosemira Organics—where passion, purity, and unparalleled results intertwine to create a skincare experience like no other.


Founder’s Message

“I felt very happy that with all the products out there my efforts, and the quality of my products were recognized. I am now hopeful more women will become familiar with my line of products and will be able to benefit from them.”

-Dr. Mira Herman, Founder and Formulator


Rosemira Organics - Sweet Coconut Body Butter

Winner at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Body Care

Rich and deeply penetrating, Rosemira's Sweet Coconut Body Butter is layered with exotic fragrance. This body butter is high-performing skincare for the body. It slows skin aging and improves existing signs of skin fatigue. Nutrient-rich whipped mango butter and raw, unrefined coconut oil melt into the skin with this ultra-moisturizing formula, leaving a sweet-citrusy scent. It quickly absorbs, leaving the skin soft and smooth.


“It smells pleasant and refreshing. It is a nice texture. Your skin is shiny after applying. I love it on my legs after a shower!”

-NANCY BEAULIEU, loves trying eco-friendly and toxin-free beauty products


Rosemira Organics - Pearly Eyes - Eye Cream with Hyaluronic Acid

Winner at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Eye Care

Not all eye creams are created equal and Rosemira's Pearly Eyes Eye Cream proves the point. It's one of those good-for-everyone creams, light enough for oily skin, hydrating and moisturizing for normal skin, gentle for sensitive skin, and highly reparative for mature and environmentally damaged skin. A light-weight eye and at the same time rich Cream, it dramatically reduces the look of every key sign of eye aging, including puffiness, fine lines, and dark circles. It helps repair the visible impact of lack of sleep, UV, pollution, and blue light. A potent hydration booster, it reveals a bright, hydrated, visibly revived look with exceptional and fast benefits for the eye area.


“Pearly Eyes is a versatile eye cream that I think would suit almost anyone. It has a mild scent, works well both day and night, and feels very gentle and soothing on the eye area. It's moisturizing without feeling heavy or greasy, and has a lovely creamy texture that just melts into the skin as you apply it.!”

-Caitie Anisman-Reiner, a health and beauty writer and long-time clean beauty advocate


Rosemira Organics - Tropical Pineapple Lip Balm

Top 3 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Lip Care

The healing effects of walnut and sunflower oils are enhanced by tropical flavors of Pineapple and Guava to give lips the vacation they deserve. Made with the best Organic Ingredients to nourish lips and protect them from the elements. No need to repeat applications again and again.


“Loved this lip balm. Once I got the packaging off, it was so easy to use with the wind up knob. Loved the feel on my lips, as well. It felt a lot like coconut oil or vaseline. Very hydrating but not too over the top. I think I detected a faint pleasant pineapple scent as well.”

-Sher Toro, an advocate for clean beauty, both in her blogging and in her makeup business


Rosemira Organics - Hand Sanitizing Spray

Top 3 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Hand Sanitizing Spray

Rosemira Organic's well-balanced, effective yet gentle hand sanitizer is comprised of Reagent Grade Alcohol and Reagent Grade Hydrogen Peroxide (30%), known to quickly kill germs and viruses. It is blended with Aloe Vera Gel to reduce the drying effects of alcohol, and an antiseptic proprietary blend of Citrus Essential Oils to naturally disinfect and offer an alternative to synthetically fragranced sanitizers. A great product to take when you're on the go and when there's no direct access to water and soap.


“Smells very good! Product was leaking a bit when using the spray.”

-Laurence Brouard-Trudel, a nutritionist and chef who loves having glowing skin


Rosemira Organics - Pineapples & Cream Cleansing Milk

Top 5 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Wash

An original combination of ingredients makes this organic cleanser a best seller. Bromelain, the enzyme found in Pineapple Extract, exfoliates dead skin. Honey, with its anti-aging properties, softens the skin, and Clementine Essential Oil adds its anti-bacterial properties and refreshing scent. This gentle and effective Cleansing Milk is perfect for morning routines and when used at night it effectively removes make-up. It revitalizes the skin and the lingering scent of Pineapple is an added treat. It was formulated for sensitive skin and for redness associated with Rosacea, but is loved by people with all skin types.


“I really enjoyed this product during my morning face cleanse. The pineapple smell is absolutely incredible and insatiable. I like to double cleanse so it was such a treat to bask in the pineapple milk twice. It stays true to the milk description. Very thin once it hit my face, even with about 8 pumps of product. I felt that my combination skin was moisturized while being washed, though I would have like just a deeper cleanse. I did not feel stripped or dry afterwards which is nice. I would recommend this product to someone who enjoys a pineapple scent and thin feeling cleanser”

-Patrice Murillo, the founder of MamasBeautySecrets, is a beauty & lifestyle blogger living in California


Rosemira Organics - Gorgeous Gems - Brightening Fruit Enzyme Peel

Top 5 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Scrub

Gorgeous Gems Peel harnesses the transforming nature of Kaolin Clay to draw out impurities. It exfoliates, resurfaces, and brightens dull skin without irritation. It exfoliates while moisturizing for softer more youthful-looking skin. Beetroot and Grapefruit Botanical Extracts are responsible for the immediate benefits this peel delivers. They are packed with minerals and vitamins, specifically Vitamin C which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin C has been found to decrease melanin synthesis thus preventing hyperpigmentation. It also reduces pores and dark spots. Grapefruit contains lycopene which is known to reduce redness and inflammation, helping to even out skin tone for a smooth complexion. Oat Flour and Honey gently and effectively exfoliate, clear, and moisturize. Lime Hydrosol cleanses and balances oily skin and blemishes.


“I used Gorgeous Gems - Brighting Fruit Enzyme Peel for several days over a period of one week.

The gorgeous packaging stands out and is creatively exotic with shades of tangerine, grapefruit, beet-purple, and warm gold foil wrapped seal. The color palette pops against the rich dark brown glass bottle. The packaging ties in well with the product ingredients, and I appreciate an eco-friendly, recyclable glass bottle.No plastic in sight. Because the product is a natural enzyme peel, the application was gentle and felt soothing on my skin. My skin looked lighter and brighter and felt soft and smooth to the touch. Beautiful Gems - Brightening Fruit Enzyme Peel performed exactly as promised”

-Jean Doherty Trupp, has a background in the industry working as a Make Up Artist for a global beauty brand


Rosemira Organics - THE Moisturizer - Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cream

Top 5 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Cream

THE ULTIMATE among Moisturizers, this is one of Rosemira's new Moisturizing Cream. The Cream includes Sodium Hyaluronate the sodium salt form of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is touted as a miracle ingredient as it has a great capacity to draw and retain moisture to the skin, creating a plumping effect, thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Since it includes both High and Low Molecular weight Sodium Hyaluronate it is used in products where instant hydration is desired as well as long-term results.


“Left my skin smooth. I enjoyed this light, simple cream. Nothing complicated.”

-Alton Brown, a New York native who has been using clean & natural brands for years


Rosemira Organics - Hyaluronic Acid Serum

Top 6 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Serum

A light-textured serum offers an intense boost of hydration. It supports firmer skin, plumps skin cells, and softens deep wrinkles. Formulated for dry, mature, and sensitive skin.


“My sensitive, normal to dry skin does really well with hyaluronic acid serums, especially in the colder winter months when my skin needs extra hydration. This serum is lightweight and absorbs quickly to lock in moisture. It also plays nicely with my other skincare, SPF and makeup.”

-Jodi Weir, passionate about sharing her love of cruelty-free beauty and skincare finds


With a relentless passion for clean beauty and a commitment to using the finest organic and natural ingredients, Rosemira Organics has truly set a new standard in the skincare realm. Their products are like a breath of fresh air, bringing radiance to your skincare routine.

But the excitement doesn't stop here! We have an exclusive sneak peek into what's coming next from Dr. Mira Herman herself. She has been hard at work, concocting a lineup of sensational new products just for you.

Rosemira Organics is about to release a new Moisturizing Cream featuring a plant-based retinol alternative called Bakuchiol. Imagine a light-textured, decadent cream that nourishes your skin while providing all the benefits you crave.

They also crafted an all-berry peel and a multi-peptide serum that are sure to leave your skin glowing with delight. These upcoming additions to the Rosemira Organics family promise to elevate your skincare routine to a whole new level.

Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@CertClean), to get first dibs on the latest updates in the indie clean beauty industry. And while you're at it, don't forget to get your free access to the Clean Beauty Awards Ultimate Guide 2023. It's your reliable clean beauty shopping buddy for the rest of the year!

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