Safe Nourishing Products Topping the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Body Scrubs and Washes Category

Safe Nourishing Products Topping the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Body Scrubs and Washes Category

Discover the gentle exfoliating and cleansing power of the 2022 body scrub and body wash finalists
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Safe Nourishing Products Topping the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Body Scrubs and Washes Category

Discover the gentle exfoliating and cleansing power of the 2022 body scrub and body wash finalists

The only way to wash away your troubles with bubbles is with safe, nourishing ingredients. Using the highest quality naturals, rich regional hydration, and exfoliating powerhouses is the only way to walk out of that bath or shower feeling fully refreshed. The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards judges were challenged to rank their favourite body scrubs, and body washes free from the nasty ingredients found in the typical brands our parents once used. The finalists of the body scrub and body wash categories will have you sparkling clean and refreshed.

There are so many ways to scrub your body. Exfoliators range from microbeads (ick) to natural fibres, minerals and everything in between. The five finalists from the Body Scrub category effectively clear your skin of dead cells and rejuvenate your body for cleaner, clearer, happier skin.


Body scrub

  1. The Potion Masters - Blushing Mineral Body Scrub

Blushing Mineral Body Scrub treats your skin to pure luxury using Himalayan Pink Salt, Pumpkin Seed Butter, Kaolin Clay and the world's finest rare essential oils. The scent of Blushing Body Scrub is a fresh Bergamot meets sultry spiced floral with a hint of soft woods. The intoxicating scent lingers on the skin, and the glow lasts all day. Blushing Body Scrub contains Zinc, Magnesium & Vitamin E to support your skin and help you glow.

  1. Pure Heart Essentials - Espresso Bar

Coffee is known to improve blood circulation and leave the skin feeling smooth and replenished and Espresso Bar gives you the luxury of reaching two skincare goals in one. Walk away both exfoliated and moisturized with only one product along with the heavenly aroma of fresh Espresso.

  1. Natural Red - Scrub Me, Sweet Sugar Scrub

Natural Red's Scrub Me Sweet Sugar Scrub is a luxurious answer to dry, rough skin. To leave your hands feeling velvety and soft, scoop on a bit of sugar scrub, wet with water, rub until it dissolves, and rinse in the sink. For smooth, moisturized skin from lips to feet, apply sugar scrub to your whole body in the shower, rub until it melts, and rinse. This sugar scrub gently exfoliates your body by removing dry, dead cells and leaving the fresh skin moisturized, healthy, and glowing. The simple ingredients of this scrub yields incredible results.

  1. Rustic MAKA - TIME TO EXFOLIATE Prebiotic Charcoal Scrub - DETOXING

TIME TO EXFOLIATE Prebiotic Charcoal Scrub is specifically designed to detoxify and cleanse delicate underarm skin to help reduce excessive body odor and nourish the skin while keeping you fresh throughout the day.

This extra strength power scrub utilizes detoxifying effects of Activated Charcoal and exfoliating power of Bamboo powder and Jojoba beads to gently remove dead skin build-up as it promotes skin's renewal process and helps extend your deodorant effectiveness. Formulated with nourishing extracts and prebiotics to balance and protect skin's microbiome.

  1. Birch Babe - Exfoliating Coffee Body Bar

This bar will awaken your senses with real crushed coffee beans and chocolate oil. It will clean and exfoliate at the same time for fresh, smooth skin.


Shower and bath lovers will love the ten Body Wash category finalists from the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards. Each as unique as the next, these ten products offer clarity and gentle aromas to make your bathing experience all the better.


Body wash

1 Carina Organics - Sweet Pea Body Wash

The Sweet Pea Body Wash is a CertClean certified toxin free, daily moisturizing body wash formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable, flower, and tree extracts. A soft wash product that gently removes dirt and replenishes essential nutrients to the skin.

2 Pevonia Natural Skincare - Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel

Exhale and de-stress with Pevonia's naturally foaming, sulfate-free Anti-Stress Bath Shower & Gel. Infused with aromatic Sweet Almond, Chamomile, and Lavender, it converts your bath or shower into a refreshing oasis. Moisturizing and non-drying, it removes impurities and renders your skin utterly refreshed.

3 Moor Spa - Moor Spa Kelzyme Cleansing Bar

In partnership with One Tree Planted, the Limited Edition Kelzyme Cleansing Bar is a passion product created to further increase our sustainability initiative and support our promise to give back to mother nature.

By combining the popularity of Moor Spa;s very first product, the Moor Spa 4-in-1 Cleansing Bar, and the bestselling Kelzyme powder, we are proud to launch this Limited Edition Kelzyme Cleansing Bar.

4 BOYZZ ONLY - Energizer Combo Wash

BOYZZ ONLY Energizer Combo Wash is a dual-action formula. It is a rich, moisturizing natural lather you can use on your body and hair. Give yourself a boost of antioxidants and let the invigorating scent give you a hit of energy.

5 Ellie Bianca - All-Natural Liquid Hand Soap- Citrus & Tea Tree

The All-Natural Liquid Hand Soap- Citrus & Tea Tree is an ultra-hydrating liquid hand soap that is gentle and non-drying, yet deeply cleansing featuring clean, organic ingredients.

Indulge in the invigorating and gentle scent of citrus and tea tree to leave skin feeling soft, supple, and clean after every wash.

6 Simply Organic Soap - Organic Charcoal Face & Body Soap

This skin-balancing Charcoal Face & Body Soap from Simply Organic Soap is made with hydrating oils designed to give your skin a deep clean and your mind and body an aromatherapy escape. It's a great option to use on both your face and body to remove dirt, oil and the accumulation of free radicals after a long day.

7 Carina Organics - Citrus Body Wash

A toxin free, daily moisturizing body wash formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable, flower, and tree extracts. Gently washes away dirt and replenishes essential nutrients to the skin.

8 East Coast Glow - Wild River Mint + Rosemary Iceberg Infused Soap Mousse

East Coast Glow's wildcrafted River Mint is foraged fresh each year, just before the river meets the North Atlantic Ocean in Bonavista, Newfoundland. This dreamy, creamy moussed soap is infused with pure iceberg water and blended with cooling wild mint glycerite, comforting hemp and olive oils, and spiked with a touch of rosemary for a sensory experience like no other. Leaves skin feeling clean, refreshed, and noticeably smooth.

9 Desert Essence - Desert Essence Foaming Hand Soap Pods Starter Kit - Lemongrass

Nourish and cleanse hands with Desert Essence Tea Tree Oil & Lemongrass Foaming Hand Soap Pod Starter Kit. Each biodegradable, super-concentrated pod is bursting with moisture-rich botanicals like Jojoba, Aloe and Green Tea to help nourish skin. Plant-derived cleansers, including inherently antiseptic Tea Tree Oil, help remove impurities while invigorating Lemongrass essential oil energizes the senses.

Desert Essence has re-imagined the way you use everyday hand wash by eliminating the need for single-use packaging with this eco-friendly refillable and reusable bottle. Simply add two pods, fill with warm water and shake gently for a luxurious foaming lather. Gentle on your skin and kind to your senses.

10 Obm Natural Beauty - Relax Chamomile Butter Bar

Relax Chamomile Butter Bar is an all-natural soap bar with soothing chamomile butter and calming lavender essential oil.

With 24 different categories, our judges were eager to try out as many different products as necessary to discover their favourites. Don't stop your exploration of the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards finalists here. Discover all of the top products starting with Toners, Serums and Oils.