Salad-Inspired Glow from BYROE New York's Nutritious Approach to Skincare

Salad-Inspired Glow from BYROE New York's Nutritious Approach to Skincare

This amazing brand is driven by clean, vegan, and antioxidant-rich superfoods that promise to do wonders for your skin.
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Salad, anyone? When you hear the word salad, the first thing that comes to mind is a meal. But BYROE New York has something more brilliant in mind — salad-inspired ingredients for your clean beauty products.

This amazing brand is driven by clean, vegan, and antioxidant-rich superfoods that promise to do wonders for your skin. They believe in a holistic approach to skincare and that your skin should be fed a healthy and nutritious diet like you would feed your body!

BYROE New York is also participating in the 8th Annual Clean Beauty Awards. It is a testament that this brand stands behind the quality and efficacy of its products.

Dive deep into what makes its clean beauty products stand out and its commitment to sustainability, ethical practices, and innovation of powerful superfoods ingredients.

What inspired the creation of your product? If there's a story behind its name, please share it with us.

At BYROE New York, we're driven by clean, vegan, and antioxidant-rich superfoods that feed the skin a healthy, nutritious diet. When it came to creating the Pear Serum Oil, we were inspired by Fresh pear juice. This nutritious drink is rich in vitamins and nutrients that can help to boost the immune system and improve energy levels. We wanted to utilize those same benefits to transform the skin. Pears are naturally anti-inflammatory, which aids in soothing redness and irritation, and they're also packed with natural vitamin C, glutathione, and arbutin that help to improve skin clarity and luminosity for visibly brighter, healthier skin.

What makes your product unique in the clean beauty world?

Pear Serum Oil is a brightening pear-infused facial oil that combines the power of oil and the airiness of a serum all in one. This is achieved through encapsulation technology. The formula includes encapsulated oil droplets in a serum base that burst upon application for a textural experience like no other. Instead of feeling heavy or tacky, it absorbs instantly into the skin for refreshing hydration and an instant glow that works well for all skin types.

Describe the ideal user of this specific product.

The ideal user is someone who is looking to lock in moisture, improve skin barrier function, and even their skin tone over time. This would be someone who wants a lightweight, refreshing oil and a healthy radiance that won’t leave you looking shiny or sweaty.

What are the key ingredients of this product and their effectiveness for a specific skin type?

The serum oil works well for all skin types, especially oily/combination, and sensitive skin. The texture is perfect for oily/combo types as it delivers the benefits of facial oil with the finish of a serum. Hence, it avoids any heavy tackiness or greasiness associated with traditional oils. The key ingredients include Pear, Leaf Shield, and Glow Matrix. Pear is packed with natural vitamin C, glutathione, and arbutin, which brightens the complexion. Glow Matrix is a robust blend of radiance enhancers, including diamond powder, encapsulated ceramides, and turmeric, which work to balance skin health while leaving them with a head-turning glow. For sensitive skin, the Leaf Shield includes steam-distilled Japanese cypress, Thai holy basil, Ayurvedic chinaberry, and medicinal madecassoside, providing potent skin soothing and clarifying benefits for enhanced benefits skin clarity and evenness.

How should this product be used? When can the user see/feel the difference? How does it make their skin feel?

The product can be used in the morning or night. Warm a few drops of oil in the palm of your hands and apply over the face, neck, and décolletage after cleansing, either before or after moisturizing. Immediately after use, users should experience an instant glow and boost in hydration, but over time, the serum oil helps to improve skin clarity and even skin tone. The texture is lightweight, and the finish is more like a serum with the moisture-locking benefits of facial oil.

What is your brand's commitment/initiatives (if any) to ethical practices, and how do you ensure transparency in sourcing and production?

We're constantly evolving and looking for new ways to tap into sustainable and ethical practices. Currently, we're shifting away from plastic packaging that cannot be recycled to earth-friendly glass packaging that elevates the look without harming the planet. We're also committed to using only FSC-Certified Paper for all carton packages and looking into more reusable, waste-free packaging to reduce our overall footprint. Our core mission has always been to use vegan, ethically sourced ingredients that are not tested on animals. As a part of our sourcing, we're always looking for new and innovative eco-friendly extraction processes that minimize waste and help reduce energy usage. As the brand continues to grow, we're constantly looking for new sustainable resources that can help to cut down on unnecessary waste.

What is your brand's long-term vision for your clean beauty product, and how will you innovate and maintain sustainability while meeting the changing needs of your target market?

Our long-term vision for the brand is to continue to tap into powerful superfoods. This includes creating new and innovative patented ingredients that combine the power of healthy teas and veggies with potent high-performance actives for unique and results-driven skincare. When it comes to sustainability, we're constantly evolving and looking for new ways to adapt, source, and create products that are healthy for the skin and the planet.

Incorporating salad-inspired ingredients to clean beauty products may sound strange, but BYROE New York has found a way to make it work. This brand aims to take a holistic approach to skincare and promotes a healthy and nutritious diet for your skin, just like you would for your body.


This brand is driven by clean, vegan, and antioxidant-rich superfoods and claims to work wonders for your skin, and its commitment to quality and efficacy is further validated by its participation in the Clean Beauty Awards, where it will be evaluated based on its products' performance.

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