Six Body Scrubs to Add to Your Clean Beauty Routine

Six Body Scrubs to Add to Your Clean Beauty Routine

Rejuvenate and resurface with these six scrubs for smoother skin
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The Clean Beauty Awards rates and ranks a massive list of products for every skin type and clean beauty product category. The category that consistently surprises and delights our judges? Body scrub! Body scrubs tend to surprise us as the missing link in our beauty routines. We spend a lot of time, energy and money on hydrating products, yet it is impossible to enjoy their results unless your skin is clean and clear of dead skin cells and excess sebum. Body scrubs are a fantastic way to remove dead skin cell buildup, unclog pores, prevent ingrown hairs and allow the precious lotions and balms you love to penetrate the skin more readily. These six body scrubs for smoother skin might just be what your skin has been missing.

Eucalyptus + Pink Clay Sugar Scrub

Buck Naked Soap Company's Eucalyptus + Pink Clay Sugar Scrub gently exfoliates while it cleanses, leaving your skin silky and smooth. Developed with rich, moisturizing Shae and Cocoa butter, this scrub helps detoxify and feed the skin while improving tone and elasticity. Formulated with fair trade ingredients, this scrub does good for your skin while doing good for our world.

Desert Lavender Salt Body Scrub

This salt scrub is infused with desert essences and helps to refresh and resurface with gentle natural essences. KAELEN HARWELL created their Desert Lavender Salt Body Scrub as a wonderful rejuvenating, exfoliation experience for the body.

Espresso Bar

Coffee is known to improve blood circulation and leave the skin feeling smooth and replenished. Pure Heart Essential’s Espresso Bar gives you the luxury of reaching two skincare goals in one. Walk away both exfoliated and moisturized with only one product and the heavenly aroma of fresh Espresso.

#307 Botanical Foot Scrub

A sea salt scrub made with menthol crystals, bentonite clay and essential oils which leave the feet smooth and deodorized. Coconut, bentonite clay and bergamot offer a beautiful combination of moisturizing, soothing, detoxifying and anti-inflammatory results.

Scrub Me Sweet Sugar Scrub

Natural Red's Scrub Me Sweet Sugar Scrub is a luxurious answer to dry, rough skin. It can be used on hands, feet, lips or all over your body to exfoliate, moisturize and leave your skin fresh, healthy and glowing.

TIME TO EXFOLIATE Prebiotic Charcoal Scrub - DETOXING

Rustic Maka’s TIME TO EXFOLIATE Prebiotic Charcoal Scrub is specifically designed to detoxify and cleanse delicate underarm skin to help reduce excessive body odour and nourish the skin while keeping you fresh throughout the day. This extra strength power scrub utilizes detoxifying effects of Activated Charcoal and exfoliating power of Bamboo powder and Jojoba beads to gently remove dead skin build-up as it promotes skin's renewal process and helps extend your deodorant effectiveness.

Don’t take our judge’s word for it, try these scrubs yourself and discover just how smooth and refreshed your skin can feel. If you are looking for the perfect body washes to add to your beauty regimen, look no further. Our list of natural body washes is here.