Skincare Based on the Science of Aging

Skincare Based on the Science of Aging

We are learning how Caire Beauty founders have developed formulas based on hormonal science, specifically for grown-ups
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There are plenty of anti-aging products on the market. Many of which have similar ingredients and predictable promises. One brand, however, is standing out among the rest as it embarks on a mission to effectively reduce the signs of aging through intuition, hormone response and science. Caire Beauty is unlike other skincare brands. Not only is it a perfect example of clean beauty, but it is also founded on scientific evidence and extensive research on the causes of aging and thinning skin in women. Caire’s Theorem Serum Boost is a testament to their efforts. We talked with the founders to learn more about their approach, their research and their amazing formula.

What is Caire all about?

We're exposed to between 10 and 80K chemicals daily. Caire believes every brand, not just beauty brands, needs to prioritize clean, environmentally-safe, naturally-derived formulations. We all need to consider the total environmental impact of operations, packaging and shipping. Our ingredients and processes are 100% naturally derived, packaging is up-cycled or glass. We seek to challenge ourselves as a company & as humans every day, in our work and personal lives to live, think and lead with a ‘consciously clean’ ethos. Our Skincare for Grownup Women mission is to create clean, fragrance, toxin-free and inherently anti-inflammatory products. This is because a large proportion of women develop skin sensitivities after age 40/45 due to hormone decline pre, peri & post-menopause.

How is your serum specifically designed for “Grownup” women?

Our Serum formula is designed to work above and below the skin barrier. It uses couture-made hyaluronic acid molecules of different weights to replace some of the lost HA that the skin no longer produces itself (because of estrogen depletion). In addition to a fundamental slowing of daily skin cell production, hormone decline impacts desquamation, the ability to clear tissues of 'dead' cells. This decreases the skin's ability to respond to internally caused free radical aging. Our signature Theorem Serum Boost is a high-performance serum designed for mature or as we prefer to say – GROWN UP skin of all skin tones and types and specifically works from the deep dermis to the sensitive surface.

Our ingredient choices are extraordinarily effective, proven and purposeful. Our hyaluronic acid infusing, pro-collagen synthesis base uses a full spectrum of hyaluronic weights and a bio-fermented signalling peptide; including two couture-made, ultra-tiny HA molecules that mimic skin's own naturally created HA. Our multi-benefit, multi-target Theorem Serum Boost also includes a tree hawthorn and jasmine extract.  clinical studies demonstrate the compound's proven capability to increase circulation and encourage the break up of the bilirubin and melanin that causes most dark underage circles.

How does your defiance Serum work?

Our “Defiance Science” skincare duo (Theorem Serum Boost and Triple Lift Molecule Mask) is deliberately designed to address the changes in the skin associated with estrogen and related hormone decline and depletion. This is otherwise known as internal or intrinsic aging. Clinical research shows that estrogen reduction is related to thinning skin, increased wrinkles and fine lines, loss of elasticity and collagen as well as a skin cells. Each woman has an individual skin journey because genetics and cumulative UV play important roles, but in general somewhere between 35 and 45, a woman will see aging signs because hormone loss doubles (2 -2.5x) at that point.

The Serum helps the skin by plumping and enriching itself from the inside out. HA pulls moisture from deep within the body. Its jello-like texture fills in the spaces between collagen & elastin proteins & fibres and holds everything in place. The bio-fermented peptide in our Serum has a proven, strong signalling ability. It activates one’s skin to increase Collagen and HA production over what it would do on its own, thereby directly compensating for estrogen loss.

Whom is the serum intended for?

The Caire approach is specifically for grown-up women, or women over 40, although anyone after 30 can certainly use it to proactively delay aging and improve fundamental skin health. As women grow up, it is typical for texture changes to occur and for skin sensitivities to develop ranging from dryness to dry or ‘red’ patches, brown spots, larger pore size and increased skin irritations – especially adult female acne. The Serum formula is designed to benefit all the layers of skin for any woman over 35, and any skin type or tone. Theorem Serum Boost is dermatologically tested and clinically verified for mid-life skin. Our testing was done with women between 35 and 65 with an average age of 53, and over 50% of our testers were experiencing skin sensitivities and irritations. Results showed improvement in sensitive skin situations with 100% of the testers.

Are there any surprising uses for the Theorem Serum Boost?

Theorem Serum Boost, as part of its Hormone Defiance stance, is very effective for women with acne, especially on the lower third of the face, which is more common in women over 40. It is soothing and deep penetrating nutrition that serves to stabilize and clear trapped oil, sebum and bacteria. Part of what happens with hormone decline is that the skin’s own ability to desquamate is diminished – this means to clear dead skin cells away. Theorem Serum Boost acts above and below the skin barrier to prompt the skin to clear and regenerate.

The New York Times reported that there is an epidemic in adult female acne a few years ago and this is confirmed by our customers and community. The answer to grown-up skin is not the brands and products that are typically given to teens. These largely feature benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid which thin skin at a time when women should be building and enriching the skin.

What is the best way to use the Therum Serum Boost for ultimate effectiveness?

Using Theorem Serum Boost twice a day is important. Each time you apply, the skin will absorb as much nutrition as it can. Thus, feeding skin inside twice a day is critical to infusing HA in and accelerating HA and Collagen generation. Ideally, the Serum should be applied after cleansing or rinsing the face and depending on the individual, a moisturizer or facial oil can go on over the Serum after about 30 seconds. Some women find that the Serum is ‘hydrating’ enough on its own on the surface and prefer not to layer on a moisturizer. This is an individual decision and is impacted by time of year, climate, lifestyle and of course individual skin profile. We highly recommend generously patting the Serum around the entire ‘ocular triangle’ – this means the eyelid, above the brow, the outer eye and directly under the eye. Theorem Serum Boost is very effective on the décolletage and the backs of hands.

What is it about the ingredients you source that makes this serum particularly impactful?

There are hundreds of products featuring Hyaluronic Acid. Our Hormone-Defying Theorem Serum Boost offers a full spectrum of weights. We tested numerous formulations to ensure ours would span the deeper dermis to the skin surface. The ultra-tiny molecules are couture made for us and are only 3- 10 kDa. This ensures that they sink into the dermis and get to work in binding moisture. We have extraordinary science partners at Caire, including a former head of advanced technologies for J&J, and our ethos unlike global powerhouses is to create with a skin mission, not on cost and profit goals. We formulate cleanly, sustainably and effectively, using superior, unique ingredients and plant energy intensified processes to achieve what women deserve.

You are a scientifically centred brand. What research brought you to the serum’s formulation?

Upon founding, we did extensive research to discover the best dermatologists, skincare experts, chemists and biologists and physiologists experts as well as medical school professors. The founders, experiencing aging skin themselves, sought to understand the fundamentals behind the hormonal impact on women and aging. Together, the dream team worked to formulate products that work directly against the effects of estrogen loss. They found that they could develop topical, non-invasive, safe, clean and very effective skincare that could provide directed benefits for women’s changing skin biology. In January 2021, Caire Beauty released their independent clinical research study which showed that 100% of users experienced smoother, softer, firmer, brighter, more lifted skin and equally strong results around the ocular and neck areas in the span of four weeks. The Serum also scored 97% for its ability to make “skin feel like it did 5 years ago.”

It is impossible to deny the unparalleled effectiveness of Caire Beauty’s anti-aging formulas. Their Theorem Serum Boost is the ideal product for aging skin as well as those seeking to prevent fine, lines, wrinkles and age spots. We are loving their honest, science-based and eco approach to beauty. Try their Triple Lift Molecular Mask for even more replenishing power.

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