The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Skincare for all Skin Types

The Ultimate Multi-Purpose Skincare for all Skin Types

Frances Prescott is creating all of your essentials in far fewer bottles
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Multi-tasking isn’t normally a term used to describe effective skincare. Functional skincare often involves many steps requiring multiple products and plenty of counter space. FP Skincare is changing all that.

Frances Prescott is a female founder-led skincare line that combines ingredient functions that remove the need for a long, drawn-out skincare routine. Their Tri-blam is a testament to their scientifically-backed high-performance ingredients and hard work. We spoke with FP founders to learn more about their efficiency-focused approach and how their natural ingredients work.

What is your skincare mission?

Our mission is simple. We create high performance, multitasking skin and body products inspired by our commitment to reducing waste and supporting conservation across all touchpoints. We are defining ‘smart skincare’ by creating gender-neutral solutions for those wanting a premium skincare routine that is simple and effective. Innovation, efficacy and conservation remain at the heart of everything we do. We create a hybrid, 3-in-1 innovation developed by scientists. Our ingredients function to remove the need for additional steps yet achieve the same results. It is designed to enhance any routine. We produce clean, 100% sustainably farmed ingredients free from chemicals, silicones and parabens to ensure our products do not pollute land, rivers or oceans. Our products are results-based, nutrient-dense, naturally active formulations.

How does Tri-Balm work?

Our 3-in-1 Facial Balm cleanses with a blend of botanical oils, starflower, and oats to remove impurities and make-up. It effectively exfoliates with enzymes from pumpkin seeds to freshen and brighten skin and moisturizes with hyaluronic acid combined with natural antioxidants.

Formulated to suit all skin types and gender-neutral, our 3-in-1 award-winning signature cleansing balm works hard to reduce your skincare routine in just a straightforward step effortlessly. Cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize at once to leave skin softer, clearer, nourished and hydrated.

How should the Tri-Balm be used?

This is a 3-in-1 product to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. It can also be used as an intensive hydrating mask. Suitable skin types. It should be used in the morning and evening and anytime in-between. You can’t over-exfoliate as it only exfoliates to a dermal level, so use as much as your skin needs. Use it straight from the stick or run fingers over the balm to apply. It emulsifies with water to rinse away. You can also use a hot cloth or tissue away.

Can it be used in any unexpected ways?

It can be used in several alternative ways. As a moisturizing mask, sweep it straight onto clean skin and leave for 10 minutes before removing it to hydrate intensely. It is perfect when the skin feels tight or dry and needs extra nourishment. You can also use this product to shave. Apply directly onto dry skin before shaving. The smooth formulation helps the razor glide quickly across the face and ensures no cuts. Give irritated, dry areas like elbows and knees much-needed moisture treatment without the mess. Roll the balm over areas that need a little love and hydration. You can also smooth a little onto dry, cracked lips, onto the cuticles, and dry hands to comfort and heal. Finally, we love to use it to meditate. Start your skincare routine the spa way by inhaling Tri-Balm’s signature scent – a botanical blend of Geranium and Mandarin to help you relax and feel calm. Warm the balm by gently rubbing palms together and take three deep breaths before massaging onto the skin.

Which are the most impactful ingredients in Tri-balm?

Sunflower, wheatgerm and sweet almond oils are used to cleanse the skin. We use an English oil blend enriched with blackcurrant, starflower and oat to aid topical nutrition. Rice bran oil is rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which improves elasticity. Our pumpkin enzyme is a gentle exfoliant, and sodium hyaluronate (soluble hyaluronic acid) aids hydration. We use carrot tissue oil rich in pro-vitamin A to improve skin texture. Geranium essential oil regulates sebum and tones skin; important mandarin oil works as an antibacterial and revitalization. Silica promotes the production of collagen, your body's most abundant protein.

How are your ingredients sourced?

Like all our formulas, Tri-Balm is crafted from organic, active ingredients that deliver multiple benefits and transformative skin results. We get our ingredients from trusted, sustainably produced sources. This unique waterless formulation makes effective skincare on the go possible wherever you are in the world, making it a game-changer of travel essential. The innovative twist-up stick has been designed for home and away from the easy application.

How did your own story inspire you to create this brand?

I spent years travelling worldwide for work, constantly weighed down by a bag full of face and body products. Each time I emptied my suitcase, I dreamt of an alternative solution that would offer what I wanted in terms of product performance but minimize the amount of packaging, no spills or waste. I found this was a common challenge amongst other busy men and women. So I began to consider how to simplify a skincare routine without compromising efficacy or quality. I wanted to create a skincare range in which every product combined at least three essential benefits, using natural active ingredients derived from foods, plants, and botanical oils. The formulations had to be simple, easy to understand and nutrient-dense. I saw the development of the range as the merging of skin care and wellness. It is also needed to deliver the indulgent experience and transformative skin results of the highest quality skincare collections. Eventually, with the help of my sister Frances, I began designing a collection with precise needs in mind; to create high-performance, multi-tasking products using the very best quality ingredients while striving to find the most sustainable solution available across every touchpoint. After 19 months of research and development, a capsule collection was launched.

Frances Prescott strives to innovate and deliver multi-benefit, multi-purpose products formulated using the best quality naturally active ingredients. They care passionately about the well-being of their contributors, from the farmers and scientists to their team and collaborators. The Tri-Balm is just one of their unique multi-purpose products. Try their Tri-Spritz For another sensory experience.

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