Winners: The Best Bath & Body Products of 2022

Winners: The Best Bath & Body Products of 2022

Indulge yourself in an at-home spa experience with these winning bath and body products.
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Taking time to have an at-home spa experience is a unique way of telling our bodies how much we love them and all they do for us.

The simple pleasure of a relaxing bath or taking the time to moisturize head to toe can feel indulgent. Even more so when you know the products you’re using are free from harmful chemicals.

These 9 bath and body care products are winners of the 7th annual Clean Beauty Awards, organized by CertClean. The exceptional judging panel of beauty experts, clean beauty advocates and international influencers tested and ranked over 450 products and these were the best of the best of the body scrub, body wash and body care categories.



First Place: Blushing Mineral Body Scrub by The Potion Masters

Blushing Mineral Body Scrub treats your skin to pure luxury using Himalayan Pink Salt, Pumpkin Seed Butter, Kaolin Clay and the world's finest rare essential oils. The scent of Blushing Body Scrub is a fresh Bergamot meets sultry spiced floral with a hint of soft woods. The intoxicating scent lingers on the skin, and the glow lasts all day.

The user experience with this scrub truly starts with the gorgeous packaging. Beautiful labelling and the addition of the wooden spoon for application is a lovely touch and shows the formulator cares about what's inside. The scrub itself smells absolutely intoxicating and it performs extremely well. It left my skin feeling refreshed and renewed. Love this product!

Shannon, 2022 judge

Second Place: Espresso Bar by Pure Heart Essentials

Coffee is known to improve blood circulation and leave the skin feeling smooth and replenished. This Espresso Bar gives you the luxury of reaching two skincare goals in one. Walk away both exfoliated and moisturized with only one product along with the heavenly aroma of fresh Espresso.

This product was amazing. It smells fabulous and was a convenient, gentle scrub for the whole body. It was easy to apply a little extra pressure for the feet to give them a good scrub. I would use this product again!

Cadi, 2022 judge

Third Place: Scrub Me Sweet Sugar Scrub by Natural Red

Natural Red's Scrub Me Sweet Sugar Scrub is a luxurious answer to dry, rough skin. It leaves your hands feeling velvety and soft. This sugar scrub gently exfoliates your body by removing dry, dead cells and leaving the fresh skin moisturized, healthy, and glowing. The simple ingredients of this scrub yields incredible results.

The Scrub Me Sweet Sugar Scrub with Lemongrass is a luxurious skin treat that softens dry skin. The key ingredients include sugar, coconut oil and castor oil. The sugar rubs aways dead skin cells which then allows the powerful moisturising properties of coconut oil and castor oil to be absorbed thoroughly in the skin.

Dejoey, 2022 judge



First Place: Sweet Pea Body Wash by Carina Organics

The Sweet Pea Body Wash is a toxin free, daily moisturizing body wash formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable, flower, and tree extracts. A soft wash product that gently removes dirt and replenishes essential nutrients to the skin.

This is formulated with organic plant, vegetable, flower, and tree extracts. It smells wonderful and I can feel that it’s all natural with how gentle it feels and doesn’t dry out my skin. It cleans my skin well without leaving behind any residue. It is also very gentle, so I can see this being safe for people with sensitive skin too. Plus, the scent is wonderful!

Tashekia, 2022 judge

Second Place: Anti-Stress Bath & Shower Gel by Pevonia Natural Skincare

Exhale and de-stress with Pevonia's naturally foaming, sulfate-free Anti-Stress Bath Shower & Gel. Infused with aromatic Sweet Almond, Chamomile, and Lavender, it converts your bath or shower into a refreshing oasis. Moisturizing and non-drying, it removes impurities and renders your skin utterly refreshed.

If you are having a busy or difficult week, this is the product to treat yourself to in the bathroom! Very soothing and relaxing.

Evelyn, 2022 judge

Third Place: Moor Spa Kelzyme Cleansing Bar by Moor Spa

This limited edition Kelzyme Cleansing Bar combines the popularity of Moor Spa’s very first product (the 4-in-1 Cleansing Bar) and the bestselling Kelzyme powder. Hydrating and nourishing this cleansing bar is an amazing four in one product for your head to toe cleansing needs.

Lovely zero waste and plastic-free option for body cleansing in the bath or shower. Gets you clean quickly with no fuss!

Evelyn, 2022 judge



First Place: Nourish Body Lotion by Element Apothec

Element Apothec Nourish Lotion is a lightweight and luxurious body lotion formulated to absorb efficiently and restore balance to your skin. An ultra-hydrating daily moisturizer formulated with broad spectrum hemp phytocannabinoids, soothing botanicals, and beneficial oils for all skin types.

Beyond being a beautiful lotion I reach for every day currently. I was sold on the fact it's loaded with clean botanical ingredients and that extra flower power- broad-spectrum, hemp-derived phytocannabinoids (CBD + CBG). This is top-shelf, lovingly formulated skincare of the future I can only hope.

Angie, 2022 judge

Second Place: Fresh Body Oil by Qēt Botanicals

A gourmet body oil for shaving, showering, massage and dry brushing isn't an excessive treat - it's a necessity. The smoothing and soothing effects of this oil are blissful for the skin and the senses. Naturally calms and soothes while delivering a nourished, smooth skin finish.

HIGHLY recommend this product! The texture of this oil is spot on- not to thick and surely not watered down. It’s incredible to use in the shower and for shaving- really hydrates the skins! Hands down a favorite product!

Hannah, 2022 judge

Third Place: Arnica & Lemon Verbena Serenity Hand & body lotion by Leaf People

Leaf People's Arnica & Lemon Verbena Serenity hand and body lotion is a soul soothing emulsion that combines the best of all their lotions in one product.It features a healthy dose of wild rocky mountain arnica extract, picked while the flower is still fresh, a juicy burst of plant sourced hyaluronic acid and is rounded out with a soul soothing blend of essential oils including lavender and lemon verbena.

Great option for sore muscles or really dry skin. Loved the relaxing aroma and performance.

Lauren, 2022 judge

Your ultimate body cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating routine is here. Results-driven and influencer approved, these nine products might just be the very thing your tired, dull skin is waiting for. Looking for additional clean beauty inspiration? The best haircare products of 2022 are here.

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