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The synergy of Hyaluronic Acid, Plant Derived Stem Cells, and potent Anti-Oxidants deliver unparalleled hydration and optimal cellular health for a brightened complexion and long term anti-aging benefits. Our goal for The Night Cream was to seek out the most effective, skin energizing ingredients in an effort to solve three of the most common skin issues: 1. Hydrate dry and cracked skin 2. Condition and repair sun damaged skin 3. Stimulate collagen growth, to help aging skin stay supple We’ve always believed our best opportunity to achieve this is by applying a rich combination of ingredients right before bed – where we often remain asleep in the same position for hours. We’ve meticulously formulated The Alitura Night Cream with cutting edge ingredients from all around the world, with the intention to repair, correct, and maintain the health of your skin. We’ve combined 10% plant sourced Hyaluronic Acid with two highly sought after plant stem cells cultures – Edelweiss and Gardenia. It’s formulated in a base of botanical extracts, superfoods, herbs, and unique essential oils to round out a team of ingredients which work together to leave your complexion firm and youthful. We’re excited to present our Alitura Night Cream, which we believe will be the best anti-aging facial cream you’ve ever experienced.



2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel •

A wonderfully hydrating night cream!

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