Antioxidant Face Cream

FaceCream by Luxeluna Face and Body

Description: a rich and velvety cream that includes plant oils and botanical extracts full of vitamins and essential fatty acids that assist in protecting and nourishing the skin barrier, reducing fine lines, rehydrating the skin and helping to reduce trans epidermal water loss. Complemented with calming ingredients like oatmeal and calendula to calm the skin from irritation, protecting its structure and help reducing inflammation. Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) has a long history in traditional healing in India. When applied externally, Gotu Kola is said to relieve burns, sores and skin problems. Containing asiatic acid, asiaticoside and madecassic acid which stimulates collagen synthesis, Gotu Kola is a key element in skin repair. Green Tea is a rich source of anti oxidants, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Green tea extract is said to help repair the effects of aging and environmental factors. The active constituents in green tea are the Catechin - Polyphenols. Green tea catechins are potent antioxidants. Cucumber extract contains a range of useful actives including vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytosterols, phenolic acids, fatty acids, and cucurbitacins. The Cucurbitacins in skincare function as steroids with anti-inflammatory action. Calendula is used in our body care for its soothing properties. It is also great for dry and damaged skin, Soothes rashes, Promotes skin tissue repair and Anti-inflammatory. Oatmeal contains cationic proteins that stick to the skin improving its barrier function. The natural sugars swell due to their excellent ability to bind water and deliver it deep into the cells and the proteins help carry occlusive ingredients into the skin for long term moisturisation. Quandong The Quandong has twice the Vitamin C content of orange as well as a whole range of polyphenol antioxidants that make this great for anti-ageing and skin brightening. Ferulic acid is a powerful antoxidant with the capacity to help protect the skin from UV damage in a more powerful way that other antioxidants. 98% natural, 2% nature identical ( Preservative) Recyclable glass packaging Gentle, calming, caring Sustainable, eco conscious and palm oil free



2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel •

I love the beige tint of this cream -- it is unlike any other moisturizer I have used before. It blends in super well to my skin!


2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel

A skin-coloured cream with a slight floral scent is an surprisingly pleasant moisturizer, leaving my skin smooth and soft!