CalmPits Detox Mask

OdourCare by Ultrella

The CalmPits Detox Mask was designed for people who are wanting to make the transition from using an antiperspirant to a natural alternative or whenever a cleansing boost is needed. It cleans, detoxifies and brings armpit bacteria back into balance, reducing one’s overall body burden. So often we heard the same stories from people 'I want to use a natural deodorant but I'm afraid it won't work' or 'I tried a natural deodorant but it made me smell more, so I went back to using my traditional antiperspirant'. We realised it was a vicious circle. After years, even decades, of antiperspirant use it’s only natural that there will be a period of adjustment when someone starts using a natural deodorant. It’s natural for people to smell more, sweat more (obviously) and it can cause skin irritations as well. The individual then blames this transition period on their new natural alternative and reverts back to their antiperspirant. CalmPits is a pink clay based mask, enriched with beautiful ingredients such as kawakawa (a native NZ plant), rose and aloe. Just as you would put a clay mask on your face, you apply this to your armpits and let it work its magic. It stays on the skin for 10 min and then washes off in the shower, bath or with a cloth. We went through a number of iterations before settling on this formula. It stays soft post application to ensure it washes off easily, therefore not further irritating sensitive armpit skin. It has been designed to be used for the first 7 days of natural deodorant use in order to act as a counter to the symptoms described above. It can also be used sporadically once a regular pattern of natural deodorant use has been achieved, in order to assist the body’s detoxification channels. The ingredients were carefully chosen to soothe, support and strengthen sensitive skin. Following our mantra of banishing body bothers, we also wanted the product to reduce the capacity of the sweat glands and fade dark spots, while also easing redness, inflammation and hyper-pigmentation. At the end of the day, why would you settle for armpits when you can have CalmPits?



2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel •

Hard to use regularly. Clearly no a deodorant and more of a mask. No change with odour. Armpits left feeling smooth and soft.

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