Super Nutrient Touch-free Face Moisturizer

TonerMist by Planted in Beauty

Rich in super-charged nutrients, antioxidants and skin-replenishing ingredients, this 100% natural, certified organic skin-plumping spray moisturizer provides instant hydration, comfort, balance, glow and protection. Strengthens skin's protective barrier against damaging environmental effects and boosts skin health leaving it feeling hydrated, soothed, softened and glowing. ADDED BENEFIT: Applies to your face without using your hands to ease any hygiene concerns, and a MUST-HAVE to keep skin resilient, soothed, and healthy underneath your face mask - anytime, anywhere throughout the day!



2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel •

A very easy to use product that still gives you all the moisturizing you need!


2021 Clean Beauty Awards
Judging Panel

An addictive experience, both in terms of efficacy and the spa-like application moment.