11 Sustainable Clean Beauty Brands to Explore This Earth Month

11 Sustainable Clean Beauty Brands to Explore This Earth Month

From plastic-free packaging to reusable bottles, these brands are committed to sustainable living
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This Earth Day, let's celebrate beauty that's good for you and the planet! In today's beauty world, many brands prioritize just product effectiveness, often leaving sustainability on the back burner. Thankfully, the clean beauty movement is brimming with hidden gems that champion both clean ingredients and eco-friendly practices.

The 9th Clean Beauty Awards is a platform that recognizes outstanding brands that are leading the charge. To inspire your eco-conscious beauty routine, we've curated a list of 11 such brands pushing the boundaries of clean beauty with their commitment to sustainability. Get ready to uncover hidden gems and make a positive impact, one product at a time!


1. Buck Naked Soap Company

At Buck Naked, they prioritize humanity, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. As advocates for equality, they've joined forces with One Drop Foundation to address these concerns. Their Ripple Effect Soap Bar emphasizes the vital role of water in sustaining life and fostering positive change. Through a partnership with One Drop Foundation, Buck Naked allocates 2% of annual profits and 10% of sales from the Ripple Effect line to support water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives, particularly for some of the world’s most vulnerable communities. Aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Buck Naked incorporates principles such as promoting good health and well-being (Goal #3) by offering natural, chemical-free bath and body essentials. They also champion gender equality (Goal #5) by ensuring fair wages and opportunities for women in their raw material sourcing.

In addressing clean water and sanitation (Goal #6), Buck Naked reduces water usage in formulations and donates proceeds to One Drop Foundation. They also contribute to decent work and economic growth (Goal #8) by supporting suppliers that provide fair wages and opportunities. Additionally, they promote industry innovation and infrastructure (Goal #9) through participation in associations that benefit underserved communities. Buck Naked's commitment to responsible consumption and production (Goal #12) is evident in their sustainable business practices and plans to use recyclable, biodegradable, and carbon-neutral packaging by 2024. They also prioritize climate action (Goal #13) by adopting greener manufacturing processes. Through partnerships like the one with One Drop Foundation, Buck Naked contributes to achieving SDGs and making a global impact on sustainable development (Goal #17). They leverage their donations to unlock additional funding for water missions worldwide, further amplifying their efforts for positive change.


2. LaVigne Natural Skincare

LaVigne Natural Skincare, a sustainable clean beauty brand made in Vancouver, BC, Canada, offers sample packs of their products with each order. This allows customers to try other items from their line before committing to a purchase, ultimately reducing returns. Annually, the company actively supports eco-friendly projects like tree planting initiatives. To minimize waste, they have chosen not to use secondary packaging, such as outer boxes, which customers often dispose of upon receiving their products. By embracing digital solutions, LaVigne now uses QR codes and webpages instead of paper brochures that are typically thrown away. They also repurpose all packaging materials received with their supplies to ship out incoming orders.


3. Modern Age Skin

Since its inception, Modern Age Skin has been focused on its commitment to prioritizing ingredients and packaging that nurture both people and the planet in an environmentally sustainable way. We carefully select ingredient partners with COSMOS & EcoCert approval, ensuring adherence to fair-trade sourcing standards that prioritize biodiversity, ethical trade practices, and responsible supply chains. Our brand partners are committed to working with local growers and small-scale farms to support sustainable growing practices. Our primary packaging is curbside recyclable, our secondary packaging is crafted from 100% PCR paperboard and even our mailers and interior packaging are FSP approved, utilizing recyclable materials and non-toxic dyes that are certified home compostable. As a brand, we actively seek to minimize carbon footprints by partnering with EcoCart, a company dedicated to offsetting carbon emissions by donating to environmental projects that help fight climate change.


4. Blissoma

Not many skincare brands include freshly extracted herbs grown within a short 2 hour drive of their manufacturing facility, but partnering with independent, regenerative, and organic local farms is one way Blissoma's botanical recipes stand out. The organic chickweed, marshmallow root, plantain leaf, and chamomile in their Fresh Mild Rice Cleanser are grown nearby in healthy soil and processed by hand by fairly paid farm employees. The herbs are then extracted at the solar-powered Blissoma studio with no added preservatives or synthetic ingredients. After extraction the plant fibers are composted locally to send nutrients back to the soil. It's a full circle approach that gives your skin and the soil more nutrients and vibrant results.



Xenia Naturals is dedicated to promoting sustainability across all aspects of its operations, including its Lumon Oil Balance Clay Mask. Crafted with natural ingredients like Canadian Glacial Clay, Kaolin Clay, and Charcoal sourced from the earth, this product embodies the brand's commitment to eco-friendly skincare solutions. The Lumon Oil Balance Clay Mask not only provides effective skincare benefits but also reflects Xenia Naturals' ethos of sustainability through its use of all-natural, earth-derived ingredients. Additionally, the brand utilizes recyclable and eco-friendly packaging materials, further underscoring its dedication to environmental consciousness.


6. Adoratherapy

Adoratherapy's initiatives in promoting sustainability are multifaceted. Firstly, the brand prioritizes eco-friendly packaging by utilizing recycled materials and glass instead of plastic, minimizing environmental impact. Additionally, Adoratherapy manufactures its products in the USA in small batches, reducing shipping and freight requirements, which in turn helps the planet by reducing carbon emissions. Furthermore, the brand's formulations are eco-friendly, leveraging natural ingredients to create products that are both effective and environmentally responsible.


7. My Day Screen

One of the My Day Screen®’ s four pillars encompasses the brand’s sustainability efforts. From ingredient selections to packaging choices, this plant-based suncare brand makes conscientious choices to minimize its environmental impact. For example, My Day Screen® only uses components made from recycled materials – aluminum and PCR plastic. This eco-conscious company does not use cartons as secondary packaging. Instead, My Day Screen® uses reusable cotton bags to protect its products during shipping. The shipping materials themselves are recycled and recyclable paper products. My Day Screen® products are People, Animal, Marine and Planet-Friendly (PAMP™).


8. Rosemira Organics

Rosemira Organics handcrafts everything in small batches minimizing waste during production. Their skincare is packaged in Violet Swiss Glass which blocks all degrading light frequencies and maintains the superior quality of the products and their ingredients. The glass dramatically prolongs shelf life, enhances bioavailability and nutritional value, can be upcycled or recycled, and it looks great on the counter. It minimizes carbon footprint by extending product viability and non-throwaway containment. Excess packaging has been reduced and, as much as possible, recyclable content is used in their shipping and packing materials.


9. LaMonique Cosmetics

To promote sustainability LaMonique Cosmetics are cruelty-free which means there is absolutely no animal testing. There are over forty tests which can be performed to determine product safety and efficacy without the use of animals. Being cruelty-free also promotes deforestation. Many forests are cleared for the grazing of animals that are used for testing.



Their ingredients come from the beautiful Greek land and for that reason, the brand wants to give back to nature to ensure that clean beauty is available for years to come. They give back to nature by supporting wildlife and using sustainable packaging. They are also supporting organizations like Callisto, Arktouros and started a new initiative with We4all where they will plant 20 trees in Greece.


11. Mamas Medicinals

Mamas Medicinals is all about sustainability, with efforts to reduce their shipping footprint by partnering with local suppliers and encourages customers to participate in their eco-friendly initiatives, such as refilling bottles for a discount. You'll find their products in recyclable materials like violet glass bottles and paper packaging, and they're always encouraging folks to give those bottles a second life. Mamas Medicinals is constantly on the lookout for ways to do better, always open to feedback and new ideas to keep the planet happy and healthy. 


Feeling empowered to revamp your beauty routine with clean and sustainable choices? With this list as your guide, navigating the world of eco-conscious brands has never been easier.

Discovered a brand you love? Show them some extra love by following their journey in the 9th Clean Beauty Awards! Keep an eye on @certcleaninc on Instagram for insightful judge reviews that might just convince you to add another amazing product to your cart. While you’re here, you might want to check out these 20 Must-Try Clean Beauty Brands in the USA!

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