2022 Clean Beauty Awards Official List of Winners

2022 Clean Beauty Awards Official List of Winners

24 products have been chosen as the best in their categories for the 7th Clean Beauty Awards
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The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards judging period has come to an end and celebrations are underway. 24 products have been chosen as the best in their categories. These products demonstrate ultimate performance and prove that harm-free, natural ingredients can deliver incredible results. After a thorough judging period, the esteemed influencers, clean beauty advocates, brand representatives and the Certclean team are ready to close the 2022 Awards season with a ceremony, publicly announcing the winners and finalists. This is the list of the 2022 First Place winners in each of the 24 Clean Beauty Categories:


Eye Colour

First Place: ART Shadow by MisMacK Clean Cosmetics

Ignite your creativity with 17 shades of pro pigment ART Shadows. These shades can be used on your eyes, cheeks, brows, or anywhere your heart desires. The pro-sized custom square compacts are designed to fit perfectly in your magnetic ART Palette. They can also be used on lips for a non-toxic, mask-proof lip stain.


First Place: Eyeliner in Dark Brown by Megan Potter

Megan Potter's highly pigmented eyeliner glides on smoothly without pulling or tugging. This eyeliner delivers lasting colour, is easy to blend and offers an antioxidant-rich and nourishing formula that is deeply good for the skin. It is the perfect companion to brown or black mascara and is suitable for sensitive eyes.


First Place: Lipstick Crayon in French Kiss by Megan Potter

This certified organic and vegan lipstick is made using antioxidant-rich, nourishing and hydrating ingredients that offer lasting colour. A buttery soft lipstick with a matte satin finish in an easy-to-use crayon. Kind to your skin and the environment with all packaging made from renewable sources.


First Place: Pecan Lash Serum by Nuez Acres

This hydrating beauty serum helps you grow thicker brows and longer lashes. Swipe this conditioning oil onto your lashes and brows at night to generate new growth and strengthen every hair. Pecan oil and Argan oil deliver lightweight, nourishing hydration that absorbs quickly and works instantly.


Beard Care

First Place: Pecan Beard Hydrating Oil by Nuez Acres

Organic pecan oil is the main ingredient in this hydrating beard serum and is one of the best-kept beauty secrets. Jojoba oil has been added to condition the hair follicles and promotes new growth for a thicker, fuller beard. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory this product controls acne for softer, smoother skin.

Hair Wash

First Place: Detoxifying & Deodorizing Shampoo by Sootsoap Supply Co. Ltd.

SOOTSOAP Deep Cleaning Shampoo harnesses the power of Japanese binchotan white charcoal to draw out harmful impurities from the hair and scalp. It deep cleans and removes unwanted odours, naturally. It is uniquely black in colour but lathers white, with a subtle scent of fresh aloe and citrus spice.

Hair Treatment

First Place: Weightless Leave-In Conditioner by Lovesong Beauty

Nurture and invigorate your hair with Weightless Leave-In Conditioner. Composed of natural ingredients that soften, detangle, control frizz, and protect hair from heat damage. It is free of sulphates, petroleum, phthalates, and synthetic fragrance and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Body Products


First Place: Oud Révélé by Annmarie Skin Care

This all-natural perfume is carried by the rich and wooded essence of sustainably-harvested oud. Essential oils of sandalwood and vetiver bring balance and warmth, while varietals of rose and jasmine uplift the senses with sweet florals. Luxurious and long-lasting, it evokes nature at her most pristine.

Nail Care

First Place: Lavender Botanical Nail Pen by Greenmade goods

This tried-and-true recipe works and is expertly blended to leave your nails feeling nourished and smelling amazing. Apply throughout the day, or leave by the sink to use after washing hands.

Sun Care

First Place: Sunday Body Glow Oil by MisMacK Clean Cosmetics

Glow Oil is a nourishing, plant-based oil that allows you to soak up the sun while leaving you naturally nourished and feeling united with the sun's radiance and glow.

Odour Care

First Place: Deo Duos Mystic River + Clean Bliss Prebiotic by Rustic MAKA

BiodomePro Prebiotic deodorant formula focuses on cultivating good underarm bacteria. The proprietary blend of baobab and chicory root create a nourishing environment to battle the body odour, and good bacteria can thrive without interrupting the skin's acid mantle. Each deodorant is also formulated with natural butters and oils, fortifying minerals, and nutrient-rich botanical extracts that nourish and balance the underarm skin.

Hand Sanitizer

First Place: Purifier PLUS by My Alchemy Skin Care

My Alchemy Skin Care's conditioning hand sanitizer is made with 65% Organic Grape Alcohol and Essential Oils with powerful benefits to purify, nourish and give skin an intense moisture boost. This plant-based product offers a quick-absorbing lotion that is conveniently portable and helps to protect against germs, dryness and chapping. The aromatherapy benefit of Purifier PLUS helps bring peace and calm to your day while keeping your hands clean and silky smooth.

Body Scrub

First Place: Blushing Mineral Body Scrub by The Potion Masters

Blushing Mineral Body Scrub treats your skin to pure luxury using Himalayan Pink Salt, Pumpkin Seed Butter, Kaolin Clay and the world's finest rare essential oils. The scent of Blushing Body Scrub is a fresh Bergamot blended with sultry spiced floral with a hint of softwoods. The intoxicating scent lingers on the skin, and the glow lasts all day.

Body Wash

First Place: Sweet Pea Body Wash by Carina Organics

The Sweet Pea Body Wash is a CertClean certified toxin free; daily moisturizing body wash formulated with certified organic plant, vegetable, flower, and tree extracts. It is a soft wash product that gently removes dirt and replenishes essential nutrients in the skin.

Body Care

First Place: Nourish | Lotion by Element Apothecary

An ultra-hydrating daily moisturizer formulated with broad-spectrum hemp phytocannabinoids (CBD + CBG), soothing botanicals, and beneficial oils for all skin types. It is a lightweight, luxurious body lotion formulated to absorb efficiently and restore balance to your skin.

Face Care

Lip Care

First Place: Lip Balm by CoCaBee

CoCaBee ultra-hydrating lip balm is encased in an eco-friendly bamboo case. It is moisturizing, soothing and certified cruelty free.

Eye Care

First Place: Anti-Age Eye & Lip Contour by YOUTH

The Anti-Age Eye & Lip Contour is a fresh and delicate emulsion enriched with antioxidant and moisturizing active ingredients. It is a targeted anti-wrinkle agent and works to protect the most delicate parts of your face from environmental damage and visibly improves skin texture.


First Place: GLOW. Brightening Facial Toner with Bioflavonoids by Elva's All Naturals

GLOW Brightening Toner with Bioflavonoids by Elva's All Naturals is designed to be used in three great ways: as a toner, makeup setting spray and 'on-the-go skin refresher.’ This product helps to tighten the appearance of pores and fight blemishes and daily oxidative stress. The powerful natural ingredients of Frankincense, Tea Tree, Lemongrass and Geranium encourage skin healing, tone brightening and deep cell regeneration. Alcohol-free and safe for all skin types.

Face Mask

First Place: Firming Redensifying Mask – Ultimate Anti-aging Rêvolution by Zorah biocosmétiques

The ultimate anti-aging Revolution mask, this product is made with pure silver tones. It plumps and thoroughly hydrates mature skin. Silver has been used for thousands of years in medicine for its healing, purifying, soothing and anti-aging properties. Argan leaf extract is featured to hydrate and combat free radicals and oxidants, and red sage to soothe the skin and reduce inflammation and redness.

Face Scrub

First Place: Frolic Skin Polish by The Potion Masters

Frolic Skin Polish uses ultra-finely ground rice and fruit enzymes to gently buff away dull, flaky skin revealing a dewy glow. A balanced exfoliating formula perfect for all skin types. Frolic can be used on its own as a daily cleanser, a second cleanse, or an occasional exfoliating treatment. The texture is a soft, mousse-like cream that rinses easily while leaving your skin feeling dewy.

Face Wash

First Place: Tri-Balm by Frances Prescott

Tri-Balm by Frances Prescott is an oil-based cleanser containing a blend of botanical oils formulated to melt away impurities and remove makeup. It is hydrating and nourishing to the skin, improving texture and tone.

Non-irritating Pumpkin Enzyme gently removes dead skin cells while promoting cell renewal. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins A and C refine and brighten while zinc helps to heal and maintain skin health.

Face Cream

First Place: Tigoderm skin system care day & night by Tigoderm

Tigoderm skincare day & night is clean and organic care with the active antioxidants of green tea and the powerful benefit of a probiotic. The day cream protects against environmental influences such as UV rays but also against free radicals and supports the skin's natural detoxification function. The probiotic-based night cream balances the pH by providing the skin with healthy bacteria ready to fight the bad ones. The result: the natural skin flora is rebalanced overnight.

Face Oil

First Place:  Bloom Smoothing Balm by The Potion Masters

The lushest ingredients from nature and science fill the Bloom Soothing Balm with nutrition and nourishment. The product has been made with the most exotic floral extracts from across the globe, Hibiscus, Butterfly Pea Flower, Damask Rose, Blue Tansy, and Chamomile, to reduce the appearance of redness and smooth the skin's surface. It is the ultimate rich cream, lip conditioner, eye balm, massage balm and sleeping mask for the driest skin.

Face Serum

First Place: CannaComplex® Multi-Active Serum by Vela Days

Vela Days Active Compound Canna Complex Multi-Active Serum is an all-in-one, multi-use daily serum. It brightens, tightens, hydrates, renews, balances, and defends with one all-encompassing serum. Encapsulated retinol helps to stimulate cellular turnover, while four weights of Hyaluronic Acid intensely hydrate and plump the skin. Niacinamide and active Plant Growth Factors help to boost collagen, reduce the appearance of large pores and diminish pigmentation.

If you are searching for effective, tried and tested clean beauty, these 24 brands are a must-try. Each with its proprietary, toxin-free blend, the first-place winners for each Clean Beauty Awards are exceptional products in their own right. Learn more about the best of the best of Clean Beauty as we continue to celebrate the finalists and winners on our blog, social channels and at the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Ceremony.