The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Top Three Eye Colours, Eyeliners, Lipsticks and Mascaras

The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards Top Three Eye Colours, Eyeliners, Lipsticks and Mascaras

The Esteemed Judges of the 2022 Clean Beauty Awards are dishing on what makes the top three products in the makeup categories so dreamy.
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The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards judges know the importance of beauty products that work. They spend months trialling a range of clean beauty products, using their experience to rank their favourite products. The makeup category is particularly special because the product results aren’t just a personal experience but are presented to the world in all their glory. The Clean Beauty Awards judges had insider insight to share about what makes these clean beauty masterpieces so buy-worthy, and we have it all right here.


Eye colour

1 MisMacK Clean Cosmetics - ART Shadow Judge and influencer Kierra Pierre had plenty to say about this shimmering shadow.

“This light pink shade has a subtle shimmer that brings a glow to the eyes. I think the shade would be very appealing for people with a wide variety of skin tones as an all-over shade or a topper. The formula is buttery to the touch and blends nicely. I like that it’s a pressed formula that can be inserted into any existing palette, and it’s a large size that will last a long time.”

2 dome BEAUTY - Eye Jewels

Kierra was also thrilled with the application of dome BEAUTY’s Eye Jewels.

“This liquid shadow is beautifully formulated, and the shade is stunning. I like the doe foot applicator for precise application and the foil look of this shadow on the eyes. After it dries down, it stays put very well, which makes it a great option for a glam night of care-free wear.”

3 dome BEAUTY - Diamond Shadow

Laura Bruj, a zero waste and clean beauty influencer and 2022 judge, raved about this intensely pigmented shadow.

“Sheer finish, buildable and great pigmentation. I've tried the Iced Amethyst colour, which best suits my hazel eyes. This is a great eyeshadow. It is long-lasting and can be used as a light wash of colour or build the intensity for a more pronounced look.”



1 Megan Potter - Eyeliner in Dark Brown Certified Organic Beauty writer and journalist Vanessa Grant loved the soft and easy application of Megan Potter’s winning eyeliner.

“This liner is soft and great for smudging. It glides easily over the skin.”

2 Elevé Cosmetics - Ultra Luxe Gel Liner

Beauty enthusiast Jodi Weir was super impressed with the smudge-proof application of Elevé Cosmetics gel liner.

“The Ultra-Luxe Gel Eyeliner by Elevé Cosmetics in the shade Black Pearl is a beautiful iridescent shimmery black that pops. As someone with sensitive eyes that tend to water, an eyeliner that doesn't smudge is a must-have. Removal is on par with waterproof mascara.”

3 MarieNatie Cosmetics - All Natural Eyeliner Pencil - Brown

Vanessa Grant also checked out MarieNatie’s Eyeliner Pencil and was pleased with the staying power plus option for a smudged, smoky look.

“This liner sticks around. It smudges easily but doesn't disappear.”



1 Megan Potter - Lipstick Crayon in French Kiss Certified Organic

Angie Lalonde from @whippedgreengirl adored this organic lipstick by Megan Potter:

“If you are looking for a creative, rich organic lipstick. This would be a great start. Easily applied, this smooth, creamy pencil is incredible for the perfect natural hit of colour. I was impressed by this natural makeup. And I love the idea of lipstick in pencil form.”

2 MG Naturals - Juniper Lip n Cheek Tint

Makeup artist Kendra Springer was excited by the dual purpose of the lip n Cheek tint:

“The texture feels lovely on the lip and the cheek! It was long-lasting, and I love how rich the colour payoff is.”

3 MarieNatie Cosmetics - Luxe Lipstick

Kendra also fell in love with the texture and coverage of the Luxe Lipstick:

“I loved this lipstick. The texture felt buttery, the colour was stunning, and the richness of the pigment was wonderful. This lipstick is great for someone who wants full coverage and a satiny, creamy texture.”



1 Nuez Acres - Pecan Lash Serum

Chantel Rodriguez of @chooseloveart noticed serious results from this lash serum.

“I like how easy the use of the mascara-style wand is for application. While the ingredients aren’t organic, I feel my brows and lashes are healthier and more hydrated.”

2 Elevé Cosmetics - Lash After-Party Founder of the EcoLogical, Bryanna Martonis, was all about the volumizing effects of Elevé Cosmetics Mascara.

“This is a party for your lashes! The natural formula works to lengthen, define, and fill out your lashes. I was surprised that all it took was one coat for a ton of lash volume. Plus, it's super gentle on your eyes with no irritation or itching. This was a stand-out mascara for me as I can see it becoming a staple in my routine.”

3 Winky Lux - ExtravaLash Mascara

Crystal Pena from @cleanbeautycraze found this mascara ultra lengthening.

“This was a great mascara that lengthened my lashes significantly. The wand is versatile because of the little ball tip that was able to reach my bottom lashes. It did not flake, but you need to let it dry so it won't transfer.”

Discovering effective and clean makeup products that match and even exceed the quality and results of standard cosmetics is something to celebrate. The 2022 Clean Beauty Awards judges are offering their exclusive reviews on their own social media as well as on the Clean Beauty Awards blog. Take a look at all of the reviews of The top performing products for your nails, pits and more.

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