Annamaria Stallone is Sharing Her Beauty Brand Expertise, Choosing Her Top Three Eye Care Products

Annamaria Stallone is Sharing Her Beauty Brand Expertise, Choosing Her Top Three Eye Care Products

Beauty Brand Photographer and Passionate Clean Beauty Lover, Annamaria Stallone offers mindful insight into the best eye care products for her combination skin
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A talented beauty brand photographer, Clean Beauty Awards Judge Annamaria Stallone combines her love for photography with her passion for clean beauty. Annamaria loves testing clean beauty products, taking photos and sharing her experience with her community. Annamaria constantly seeks products for her combination face skin and her dehydrated body.

As a Clean Beauty Awards Judge, Annamaria was asked to review the Eye Care Category. Anna made her selections due to her connection to the brand ethos, values packaging and what works best for her skin type or unique skin needs. The winners of the Clean Beauty Awards are selected based on a product’s efficacy and performance based on skin type and skin needs which means that personal preference and brand values are not always reflected in the final results. This is why the judge’s fave products in a particular category may not reflect the final Clean Beauty Award winners.

Favourite Eye Care Product #1: Envy Formulations Bakuchiol Under Eye Renewal

All-natural bakuchiol is a proven effective retinol alternative, so there's no need to worry about skin irritation or sun exposure. The soothing rollerball application increases circulation to your under-eye area, enhancing the benefits of the serum.

Annamaria loved the applicator of the Under Eye Renewal:

*“*The product did just what it says. I love the rose quartz applicator and the natural scent. I like the light texture and how it leaves my skin so much.”

Check out Annamaria’s detailed review here.

Favourite Eye Care Product #2: Ananné CURA OCULI

The Nourishing Eye Cream & Mask offers a potent formula proven to activate urea synthesis in the epidermis. The complementary Neuro Protect Complex provides nourishment and revs up elastin and collagen synthesis, reducing the visibility and appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

The rich, hydrating lather of this product was what Annamaria loved about CURA OCULI:

“I love it's rich but easy to apply texture! I liked using it as a night mask because my skin was very healthy and smoothed in the morning.” Annamaria has more to say about this creamy, easy-to-apply cream on Instagram.

Favourite Eye Care Product #3: Byroe Truffle Eye Serum

BYROE's Advanced Truffle Complex features a synergistic blend of black, white, and summer truffles that is powered by proprietary technology to infuse the skin with essential fatty acids and antioxidants that neutralize damaging free radicals. Triple Hyaluronic Plus, Avocado Peptides, and Lupine Proteins enhance water retention for soothing, brightening moisture. This velvety formula melts into an invisible serum-like finish for maximum line-minimizing hydration.

The long-lasting effects of this serum helped it take third place on Annamaria’s list:

“I love its gel-like texture, the active ingredients in the formula and the all-day-long hydration.”

Learn about what else made this Truffle Eye Serum so special here.

Annamaria has made her passion for photography a reality, working with cosmetics brands to capture the beauty of their products. As one of 146 Clean Beauty Awards judges, Annamaria brought her love of aesthetics and her commitment to clean beauty to provide honest, thoughtful feedback about each eye care product she tried. You can visit Annamaria on Instagram or her photography site at

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