Beauty Awards Judge Emma York’s Must-Have Face Oils

Beauty Awards Judge Emma York’s Must-Have Face Oils

Emma York from Beauty Folio is ranking her top three clean beauty face oils you need to try
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According to Beauty Folio’s Emma York, the best part about being a Clean Beauty Awards is helping others make more informed decisions about the ethics of beauty routines. Over 400 products were entered into the Clean Beauty Awards this year, and as one of 146 judges, Emma was critical, honest and excited to share her thoughts and discoveries.

The overall ranking system of the Clean Beauty Awards is a systematic scoring method based on a product’s efficacy and performance based on skin type and skin needs which means that personal preference and brand values are not always reflected in the final results. The selection of Emma’s top three Face Oils is not just based on product performance but also based on her personal connection to the brand ethos, values and packaging. This is why an individual’s fave products in a particular category may not reflect the final Clean Beauty Award winners.

Emma is a natural beauty lover who switched to a green beauty routine after experiencing allergies and eczema. She started her blog,, as a platform to share her passion for the natural beauty industry and help others discover indie brands that harness the natural world's power to create beautiful formulations. You can find her on Instagram and Pinterest, Tiktok and check out her top three clean beauty face oils right here.

Favourite Face Oil #1: Iremia Skincare + Restorative Facial Oil

The Iremia Skincare Restorative Facial Oil combines the power of nature in a plant-based blend of 11 botanical oils. Every drop is designed to calm and nourish as it provides omega fatty acids to the skin while repairing its natural barrier. This quick-absorbing, non-comedogenic formula will leave your skin luminous, healthy, and completely hydrated.

Quick results and serious adaptability to various skin concerns made Emma fall in love with this restorative facial oil.

“Iremia Skincare's Restorative Facial Oil delivered on all of its promises with a soothing formulation that eased irritation and reduced redness very quickly. The scent was delicate and perfectly balanced, and the texture was incredibly lightweight on the skin.”

Favourite Face Oil #2: Amazonian Skinfood + Superfruit Facial Oil

Amazonian Skinfood's Superfruit Facial Oil is a multi-functional superfruit-powered pure oil blend with a plant-based retinol alternative and natural vitamin C. Amazonian Skinfood's Superfruit Facial Oil mimics the benefits of retinol without the side effects. Rich in natural vitamin A (retinol) + vitamin C, powerful antioxidants, and essential omegas 6 and 9, Amazonian Skinfood's pure oil blend is made from the most nutritious superfruits from the Amazon Rainforest. It brightens, balances, and evens skin tone while restoring a radiant glow and smooth, youthful complexion to your skin.

Emma’s second choice was incredibly nourishing:

“Amazonian Superfood's Superfruit Facial Oil was a nourishing treat that left my dry skin intensely moisturized, with a rich texture that didn't feel heavy on the skin. The packaging was absolutely beautiful, and their dedication to sustainability certainly made a lasting impression. This product is a must for those with drier skin types, which sets it aside from the others.”

Favourite Face Oil #3: The Beauty of Caring + Precious Oil Serum

This wonderful serum combines oils from Algae, Kahai, Jojoba, Squalene & Carotenoid, boosting skin radiance and reducing skin hyperpigmentation and dark circles. This dry finish oil controls sebum production and unblocks pores, so it's suitable for mixed and oily skin types. Cotton, Linseed oils and an extract of Bidens Pilosa create an effect on the skin similar to retinol, increasing elasticity and re-densification of the dermis while avoiding the harsh side effects of retinol.

The third product on Emma’s list stood out with its absorbency and calming properties:

“The texture, scent and feel of my skin after using The Beauty of Caring's Precious Oil Serum is where the brand excelled, providing a unique experience with high-quality ingredients that were effective in nourishing and calming the skin. The consistency and high absorbency of the Precious Oil Serum were unlike anything I've experienced in any other skincare.”

Emma’s reviews aren’t the only reason to visit her online. Her Brand Directory and Green Beauty Guides are helpful resources for anyone just entering or well versed in clean beauty. She takes a mindful approach to clean beauty product reviews and is never shy to be perfectly honest. Don’t miss the latest breakdown of her fave and not-so-fave products at