Influencer Josie Elysia Reveals Her Fave Facial Scrubs

Influencer Josie Elysia Reveals Her Fave Facial Scrubs

The top three face scrubs according to beauty influencer and Clean Beauty Award Judge, Josie Elysia
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With 146 judges, the Clean Beauty Awards process offers plenty of transparent, unbiased critiques of over 400 products. Most of the products given to the judges are new to them, which gives them the chance to try out a variety of international clean beauty products that they may otherwise never discover. The overall ranking system of the Clean Beauty Awards is a systematic scoring method based on a product’s efficacy and performance. When we ask our judges to choose their top three favourite products, they are making their selections because of a personal connection to the brand ethos, values packaging and what works best for their skin type or unique skin needs. This is why an individual’s fave products in a particular category may not reflect the final Clean Beauty Award winners.

Josie Elysia is a self-taught makeup artist and clean beauty advocate who loves discovering new brands and testing cruelty-free, natural products. Her Instagram account is a haven for clean beauty skincare, where she shares her good and bad experiences with her followers.

When Josie was asked to judge the face scrubs categories, she dove right in, ready to discover the best products for her unique needs. Josie has very oily skin prone to scarring and hyperpigmentation, so she is always on the hunt for products that can control sebum production, even out her complexion and give her a healthy, youthful glow. She chose The Potion Masters Frolic Skin Polish as her top facial scrub choice, Leaf People’s Golden Face Scrub as the runner-up, and Mamas Medicinals’ CBD Honey Face Scrub as her third favourite option. Her detailed reviews on her Instagram and her comments below offer a sneak peek into what makes these products stand out.

Favourite Face Scrub #1: The Potion Masters’ Frolic Skin Polish

Frolic Skin Polish uses ultra-finely ground rice and fruit enzymes to gently buff away dull, flaky skin revealing a dewy glow. A balanced exfoliating formula perfect for all skin types.

Frolic can be used on its own as a daily cleanser, a second cleanse (after oil cleansing), or an occasional exfoliating treatment. The texture is a soft, mousse-like cream that rinses easily while leaving your skin feeling dewy.

At the top of Josie’s list, Frolic Skin Polish was especially impressive:

“The potion smells lightly of flowers. I was pleasantly surprised that once I added water, it changed colour & became purple mousse. I followed the directions, and after rinsing, my skin looked really smooth. I also tried it a second way and left the mousse on my face for two minutes. It hardened into a mask, and my face felt smooth and tight after rinsing. After using it, my face felt was left matte, clear and super smooth.”

Visit Josie on Instagram for her full review of The Potion Masters’ Frolic Skin Polish here.

Favourite Face Scrub #2: Leaf People’s Golden Face Scrub

This formula features vital herbal players, including ashwagandha, marshmallow and Rocky Mountain rosehips, to promote a renewed, healthy-looking complexion. The blend is a root-focused insta-boost, crafted to brighten and enliven the complexion while carefully buffing away dry, dull skin. It works gently & effectively, perfect for those with hypersensitive, dry or mature skin or anyone looking for a scrub that resides on the softer side.

Josie loved the application and aroma of her second choice:

“The scrub is very easy to apply. It has a gel-like texture with many small sand-like granules.  It's incredibly aromatic, which I loved. I left it on my skin for around 5 minutes before washing it off. It didn't leave any residue or colouring on my skin. This was important because turmeric can sometimes cause temporary stains. It definitely did what it claimed to do: Scrub away the dull and dry, leaving behind luminous and youthful skin. Be warned that if you aren't a fan of turmeric, you may not enjoy this mask. It was quite fragrant, but since I'm a fan of spice, I enjoyed this aspect.”

What to hear what else Josie had to say about Leaf People’s Golden Face Scrub? Check it out here.

Favourite Face Scrub #3: Mamas Medicinals’ CBD Honey Face Scrub

Mamas Medicinal's CBD Honey Face Scrub is a rich exfoliating scrub that clears away dead skin cells & increases blood circulation, helping to diminish fine lines, enhance collagen production and stimulate new cell growth. It is softening, moisturizing and rejuvenating, providing the skin with the nutrition it needs to look and feel its best.

Third on the list, this Honey Face Scrub was super unique:

“The texture, at least during the cool spring months, was completely solid. It was hard to get the product out of the jar. Once I had the scrub in my palm, it was easy to apply to my face. It's got a sticky consistency with large exfoliating granules. I liked the texture on my skin, as it felt hydrating and soothing. Cleaning it off my skin was easy with warm water. The warm temperature softened the honey and melted the scrub away. My skin looked hydrated, soft and slightly flushed.”

Josie had plenty more to say about the CBD Honey Face Scrub, which you can read here.

As a Clean Beauty Awards Judge and as a well-known beauty influencer, Josie is always excited at the opportunity to introduce her audience to brands that care so deeply about their ingredients. Her nearly twenty thousand followers would agree that the good, the bad and the amazing are revealed on her blog and IG. For her complete list of Clean Beauty Awards reviews on her Instagram.