Clean Beauty Awards Rosacea Friendly Face Creams That Work

Clean Beauty Awards Rosacea Friendly Face Creams That Work

Influencer, Nancy Beaulieu is sharing her top picks for face creams that soothe sensitive, rosacea prone skin
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When the Clean Beauty Awards judges are asked to choose their top three favourite products, they make their selections because of a personal connection to the brand ethos, values packaging as well as what works best for their skin type or unique skin needs. Nancy made her selections based upon her desire for deep hydration in the face cream category. The overall ranking system of the Clean Beauty Awards is a systematic scoring method based on a product’s efficacy and performance based on skin type and skin needs which means that personal preference and brand values are not always reflected in the final results.

Nancy Beaulieu is an Influencer, a proud clean beauty advocate and someone with extremely sensitive, rosacea-prone skin. Her dry, reactive skin makes her eager to discover products that deliver hydration and hopeful that her skin will not be negatively affected. As an influencer and a mama, she takes it upon herself to explore the wellness and beauty world's best (and worst), focusing on ethical brands that avoid harmful ingredients. She uses her platform to encourage using eco-friendly and toxin-free beauty products that deliver real results.

As one of 146 Judges, Nancy has had the opportunity to review clean beauty face creams and share the results with her followers and us via her Instagram, TikTok account and YouTube channel. She had three clear winners that offered her all the hydration she needed without any nasty ingredients she hates.

Favourite Face Cream #1: Dr. Louie Revitalizing All in One Essence


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DrLOUIE All-in-One Essence is a toner, serum, and moisturizer in one bottle. You can skip and replace your everyday toner, serum, and moisturizer with this one bottle, allowing for a quick but effective anti-aging skincare routine morning and night. It is the ultimate anti-aging time and money saver for those looking to simplify their anti-aging skincare routine.

Nancy loved DrLOUIE’s essence as an all-in-one skin saver:

“Dr. Louie gave me tighter pores and firmer skin instantly. The effects were impressive! This product was an all-in-one, which in my books is amazing because I love saving time & money.”

See more of what Nancy had to say about this essence on her Instagram review.

Favourite Face Cream #2: Fresk Skincare Moisturizer


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Fresk's Moisturiser provides all-day protection for women with dry and sensitive skin, forming a barrier to protect the skin from moisture loss and dry environments. Fresh Skincare is gentle on the skin with no harmful chemicals and is preservative-free. Nancy’s second pick was a winner because of the fresh ingredients and personalization:

“The customization of the packaging really lets you know you’re getting a fresh product. The application instructions and the natural ingredients freshly made were extremely impressive.”

Want to see more of what Nancy liked about Fresh’s moisturizer? Check it out here.

Favourite Face Cream #3: Pevonia RS2 Care Cream


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Pevonia's RS2 Care Cream offers cool, comforting, and detoxifying relief from Rosacea symptoms. This uniquely textured cream provides skin with vaso-constricting and repairing benefits and UV protection. It features Rose, Green Tea, Licorice, and Chamomile for immediate calming and skin smoothing benefits. Ideal for those with hypersensitivity, redness, and Rosacea-prone skin, especially in the winter months, Pevonia's RS2 Care Cream diffuses blotchiness while soothing and moisturizing the skin, leaving behind a clear complexion.

Nancy’s third pick specifically treats rosacea:

“I love that this product treats rosacea. It was super effective for me, plus the packaging cannot be any prettier!” See Nancy’s full review here.

Every Clean Beauty Awards judge is chosen for a reason. They are passionate, clean beauty advocates, makeup artists, natural living enthusiasts and influencers. Nancy’s social media accounts offer a glimpse into her family life and passions, which tell you exactly why she is a fantastic fit to be one of the 146 judges. Follow along with her to see more clean beauty picks @nancyjbeaulieu.

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