Fine Line Defense to Deep Nourishment are Making These Clean Beauty Award Face Serums Stand Out

Fine Line Defense to Deep Nourishment are Making These Clean Beauty Award Face Serums Stand Out

Celine Ramsey lists her top three face serums for beautiful skin, naturally
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Now in its 7th year, the Clean Beauty Awards recognize the clean beauty products that deliver results. Supported by 146 judges, the Awards are all about cultivating passionate, honest reviews to create the ultimate list of clean beauty products globally. The overall ranking system of the Clean Beauty Awards is a systematic scoring method based on a product’s efficacy and performance based on skin type and skin needs which means that personal preference and brand values are not always reflected in the final results. Therefore, we are taking this opportunity to ask Celine to choose her top three favourite products not just based on product performance but also based on her personal connection to the brand ethos, values and packaging.

Celine Ramsey is a clean beauty advocate who takes clean beauty seriously. As one of our eminent judges, Celine has offered thoughtful reviews of the seven face serums she was asked to try. Her dry, acne-prone skin responded particularly well to three face serums that Celine rated as her favourites. We have all the details about @celineinco’s top choices right here.

Favourite Face Serum #1: Caire Beauty Theorem Serum Boost

Caire's Beauty Theorem Serum is a one-of-a-kind formula using the most advanced triple-action Hyaluronic Acid turbo-charged through our unique delivery mechanism. It absorbs into the skin immediately to activate an instantly nourishing glow from head to toe. It helps strengthen skin from the inside, making skin suppler and offering immediate moisture, creating a more youthful glow.

The texture and the fine line reduction made Theorem Serum Boost Celine’s top choice:

“I absolutely loved the Theorem Serum Boost! This clear-coloured serum has a very light, gel-like texture with no scent and dries quickly. My sensitive skin had no reactions and worked well under makeup. Over the course of two weeks, I noticed that my skin was smoother, with fewer noticeable fine lines, especially around the eyes. My skin felt smooth and supple. This was the first serum I tried - it was hard for me to stop using it to try the others!”

Check out @celineinco to learn more about Celine’s experience with Theorem Serum Boost.

Favourite Face Serum #2: Skay Skincare Skin Hydrating Serum and Primer

Skay Hydrating Serum is your ultimate all-natural hydrating and anti-aging Serum. Not only will this serum hydrate and nourish your skin, buts its fast absorption makes it the ideal primer before make-up application. It offers an effective 2 in 1 easy-to-follow daily skincare routine. The combination of fig, pomegranate and hibiscus gives the skin vital vitamins and minerals and a variety of skin essential antioxidants and omega fatty acids. The serum restores suppleness to the face, tightens pores, and controls the secretion of excess oils. It will also brighten, lighten and even out skin tone.

Celine loved the texture and pump of Skay’s serum:

“Now, this is my ideal serum texture! I LOVED the pump, which dispensed just the right amount. The consistency is between a gel and liquid and leaves my skin feeling immediately hydrated, but not in a greasy way; it dries down quickly. One of my favourite perks is that it acts as a primer under makeup; how cool! I noticed that my skin was happy and looked brighter and smoother overall.”

Celine’s entire review can be found on her Instagram.

Favourite Face Serum #3: Blume Milky Fade Spot and Scar Fade Serum

This milky, skin-strengthening formula works hard to fade stubborn spots while naturally restoring and replenishing your skin barrier, all while you sleep at night or go about your day.

The improvement of scarring made this a stand-out product:

“This milky fade serum was amazing. I noticed an improvement in scarring and discoloration. Skin looked brighter and clearer. Overall, I would recommend this product to those looking to fade scars, redness and acne.”

Celine had more to say about the Blume Milky Fade Spot and Scar Fade Serum here.

Celine was impressed by how well all of the face serums worked. The products she judged were specifically chosen for her targeted skin needs. As a clean beauty enthusiast, Celine has tried her fair share of clean beauty products, but the Clean Beauty Award entries were especially effective, offering incredible results.

Makeup is another favourite clean beauty category judged in the Clean Beauty Awards. Jodi Weir reviewed the eyeliner category, and her favourites should not be missed.

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