Clean Beauty B.O. Busters That You Need to Try

Clean Beauty B.O. Busters That You Need to Try

Clean Beauty B.O. Busters That You Need to Try
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When switching to natural beauty products, deodorant might be the one item people are most hesitant to experiment with. Between white residue, mid-day odour, or rash-inducing powders, even natural deodorants can be risky. Thankfully, we have you covered. The Clean Beauty Awards are all about discovering products that work. Our judges filter out the best of the best and review clean beauty products with honesty and integrity. With this in mind, we have compiled a list of six odour care products that will genuinely bust B.O. without compromising health.

1. Deo Duos: Mystic River + Clean Bliss Prebiotic

A two-in-one, one-of-a-kind deodorant experience that uses Rustic Maka’s unique BiodomePro prebiotic blend to fight odour. A refreshing, functional odour fighter that is baking soda free and entirely vegan.

2. Everlasting Natural Deodorant - Citrus



Eon Skin Therapy offers toxin-free deodorants that are effective at eliminating odour and managing wetness. They also detoxify and nourish sensitive skin with a beautiful blend of plant-based ingredients.

3. Citrus & Tea Zero Waste Deodorant


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Another of Cris’s Blend’s creations, this Natural Deodorant is packaged in an eco-friendly, compostable, and easy-to-use push-up tube.  Their Baking soda-free formula is suited for sensitive skin and has a beautiful essential oil-rich fragrance.

4. Cedarwood + Rosemary Natural Deodorant

Raw Nature’s most popular unisex deodorant is an aluminum-free, non-comedogenic deodorant that uses key natural ingredients like magnesium hydroxide and tapioca to keep odour at bay.

5. The Curator Deo Stick

This nutritious formula for your underarms is a baking soda-free formula that is rich in essential oils and natural active ingredients to maintain pH balance and beat the B.O. The light fragrance is rich in eucalyptus and cocoa.

6. Amber Vanilla Deodorant


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Cris’s Blend’s Mineral enhanced formula works great on sensitive skin. They have created a mix of plant powders and clay to eliminate odour and absorb wetness. The warm vanilla scent is perfectly sweet.

You can trust our judges to break down the very best of the best in the clean beauty world. If you haven't yet discovered your favourite clean beauty deodorant, these are all worth experimenting with. Want to learn about Clean Beauty Beard Care? Look no further. Our list of Natural Products for a Healthy Beard is here.