Natural Products for a Healthy Beard

Natural Products for a Healthy Beard

Our List of Healthy Beard Products for Exceptional Beard Beauty
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When it comes to beard maintenance, the priority is minimal time and maximum outcome. The Clean Beauty Awards judges agree that a healthy beard free from ‘beardruff’ (beard dandruff) that is silky smooth and smells fantastic is some of the key criteria for exceptional beard care products. Using their careful consideration as inspiration, we curated this list of natural beard care products.

1. Luxe Beard Oil

Chorus Supernatural’s Luxe Beard Oil is all about eliminating flaky, scruffy bristles with their exquisite blend of almond, jojoba, kukui and argan oils. This brand vows to improve the look and feel of your beard and skin.

2. Pecan Beard Hydrating Oil

Organic pecan oil is the main ingredient in this hydrating, healing beard serum. Nuez acres use pecan oil blended with jojoba oil to condition your hair follicles and promote new growth for a thicker, fuller beard.

3. Citrus Fresh Beard Oil

Lala Skin Essentials formulated their beard oil to be light and quick absorbing. It is infused with fresh scents like bergamot, lemongrass and orange and promotes beard growth and the ultimate hydration.

4. Natural Red Beard Oil

Skin-moisturizing, beard conditioning and growth promotion, Natural Red’s Beard Oil is an all-in-one beard care product. Its woodsy, essential oil-based scent makes it unique and offers the added benefit of acting like a cologne.

A well-maintained beard relies on products that truly work. You can rely on the Clean Beauty Awards results to offer insight into the best of the best in the clean beauty world. Give these natural beard care products a try and see if your reviews match our judges’.

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