Eye Shadows That are as Sparkling as a Diamond and as Natural as Nature Itself

Eye Shadows That are as Sparkling as a Diamond and as Natural as Nature Itself

There is no need to compromise on the ingredients of your make up with Dome Beauty
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The concept of 360 degree beauty means taking into account the quality, versatility, packaging, purpose and impact of a given product. When it comes to clean beauty, this is the ideal approach for any brand. Dome Beauty is spearheading 360 beauty whole heartedly in their creation of beautiful, unique, human and earth centred makeup that truly works.

Dome Beauty’s Diamond Shadows are a perfect example of their outstanding products. The formula they have created includes vitamins and antioxidants which enrich and deepen every product’s purpose. We chatted with the brand founder about what makes their make up so unique.

What is your approach to clean beauty?

We take a unique 360° approach to clean beauty. We believe that clean beauty products should be safe, eco-friendly, sustainable and inclusive. At dome beauty we want to make beauty more holistic while maintaining the cleanest and greenest standards. It is not just about ingredients, we are committed to being clean in our products, packaging, application and ethics.

What makes Diamond Shadow’s ingredients so special?

Our Diamond Shadows are infused with vitamins and antioxidants to add skin-loving properties to the makeup. The eye is a very sensitive area and we all know the importance of moisturizing the skin around your eyes. Infusing these shadows with olive and grape seed oil offers an added layer of moisture to you lid. This ensures not only an amazing shadow but also one that is highly beneficial for your skin.

Our shades are developed to work well with all skin tones. They are pigmented richly with the highest quality ingredients.

How does your formula differ from similar products on the market?

Not all eye shadows perform the same even if they use similar ingredients. All of our products are manufactured in Europe. We source high quality ingredients and formulations that are high performing. The combination of ingredients in these shadows is what makes them perform. We pride ourselves on our formulations and performance.

What research and experience led you towards this formula?

There is quite a bit of research, sampling and performance review before a product is developed for dome. When we find a base formula that we like, we work with our formulators to develop the perfect formula that yields the desired properties we  are seeking. We review all aspects of the ingredients that are used and which should be left out. It is not easy coming up with a clean formula that is also high performing. Over the years we have developed some amazing formulations and our Diamond Shadows was one of our first.

Is there is specific way this eye shadow should be used?

The great thing about our Diamond Shadows is their versatility. They can be used with a blending brush for as a light wash of color, with our dome eye shadow brush (or something similar) for a deeper colour application. These shadows can also be applied wet for those who are looking for that bold look.

We love that our formulations are both clean and high performing. We take out the bad and infuse with the good. Our skin loving ingredients provide multi-purpose functions, both performance and providing vitamins and anti-oxidants for your skin.

Dome Beauty is creating clean and high performing formations. Taking out the bad and infusing with the good is what they are all about. Their skin loving ingredients provide multi purpose functions, making them stand out among similar brands on the market. Their Diamond Shadows aren’t their only amazing product. Their Hydralust Lipgloss is also a fan favourite.

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