Find Out East Coast Glow's Winning Formula

Find Out East Coast Glow's Winning Formula

Had enough of the never-ending battle of finding a clean beauty stash that matches your needs and values?
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Had enough of the never-ending battle of finding a clean beauty stash that matches your needs and values? Get ready to meet your clean beauty savior: East Coast Glow! Its products are not your run-of-the-mill essentials; they're here to rescue you from the day-to-day scrabble of maintaining a clean beauty routine.

Because, let's face it, the world of beauty can be a real jungle. We're bombarded with products promising miracles but often loaded with harmful chemicals. It's like navigating through a minefield just to find something that will make your skin scream for mercy.

But fret not! East Coast Glow heard your cries for help and has come to the rescue. Inspired by the daily struggles we all face in the quest for sustainable products, this brand has crafted a line of products that reconnects you with the power of nature.

Say goodbye to the days of feeling like a science experiment gone wrong. Revel in the joy of indulging in self-care while knowing you do no harm to your body or the environment.

And here's the cherry on top: while you're pampering yourself with its luxurious products, you can be sure that its products went through rigorous testing and even won the votes of our experts for their performance. Its products were named finalists at the 8th Clean Beauty Awards. Talk about being a shining star!

Find out how this brand allows you to rock that radiant glow while knowing you're making a positive impact.


East Coast Glow products soared into the Top 10 in multiple categories! Here's how they feel about achieving such impressive wins.

“We were delighted to learn that the judges loved our products! There were so many amazing brands with inventive products in the running and it really is an honour to have made such an impact. Entrepreneurship is rarely an easy venture and it's a wonderful feeling to have our hard work recognized and validated alongside some incredible brands.

Here at the edge of the earth, we operate in accordance with the biodynamics of wild growing cycles. This means that we work consciously and in sync with the natural rhythms of the earth, resulting in distinctly seasonal batches. Ethical wildcrafting involves more than just harvesting, it takes emotional connection to place, and a deep understanding of the synergy of the land. We never take more than we need and intentionally care for the land to ensure its future health. Botanicals native to Newfoundland are some of the most resilient plants in the world and have been conditioned over thousands of years to not only survive in one of the wildest places on earth, but to thrive in the long, intense winters with arctic temperatures and wind. It’s these conditions that create the powerful antioxidant profiles of wild Newfoundland plants, and our slow, meticulous processes capture and extract their diverse abundance of beneficial compounds. We embrace this diversity, and so variations in scent and color are not just expected, but celebrated for each limited batch.”

-Karen Dewling, Co-owner


East Coast Glow - Wild Rose Infusion Cleansing Sugar Scrub

Top 2 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Body Scrub

Wild Rose Infusion Sugar Scrub is made with hand-foraged wild roses that are carefully infused into both the sugar and our special macerated oil blend to combat dullness, uneven texture, and dryness. Perfectly paired with top notes of lemon to provide a gentle, barely-there wild rose scent profile that is reminiscent of rural East Coast summers. This emulsified sugar scrub is designed to gently buff skin to stimulate cell regeneration and combat dullness, before magically transforming into a luxurious lotion-type milk that washes away clean, never oily, to reveal bright, glowy skin. Handmade using indulgent, wild rose-infused oils and raw butter to soothe and deeply hydrate, helping skin to restore its natural glow.


“What I love: EVERYTHING. Does an excellent job of exfoliating the skin, it is easy to use, the product is easy to apply to skin. The scent is subtle and works well with this product. What makes this product stand out, is the ability to become a milky lather once water is added. My skin is so soft afterwards.”

-Dana Fong, a non-toxic, clean beauty, and sustainable beauty blogger


East Coast Glow - Overachiever Facial Exfoliant

Top 2 Finalist at the 2023 Clean Beauty Awards for Face Scrub

Overachiever is an ultra-concentrated, waterless exfoliant/masque formula that is packed with active ingredients and features the potent wildcrafted adaptogens chaga, golden chanterelle, and cultivated reishi mushrooms, along with extracts of licorice root and aloe vera to support your skin's natural ability to deal with stress. Rhassoul clay and wild chaga blend perfectly with skin-brightening L-ascorbic acid, weighing in at 10% of this dry formula. Macerated wild lavender and chamomile flowers, paired with the incredible hydrating properties of aloe vera, coconut milk powder, and concentrated antioxidants to help soften and even skin tone to rejuvenate skin's luminosity.


“This is my IDEAL mask. I love the ingredients. The glowy, clarified, fresh skin this gave me afterwards was dreamy. I like that the powder form makes it versatile for mixing to the consistency of your liking.”

-Jesica Williams, founder of, a digital wellness space cultivating feel-good vibes


East Coast Glow wants to leave you with a parting gift—exciting new products that will make your skincare routine dance with joy!

Brace yourself for an infusion of greatness as they unveil a lineup of new wild herb-infused skin salves that will make your skin thank you. From the regenerating powers of Sea Buckthorn + CoQ10 to the smoothing prowess of Wild Nettle + Tamanu and the soothing magic of Wild Chaga + Arnica, these salves are a herbal dream come true.

Let your skin bask in the glory of these new additions, and remember—beauty should never be tame; it should always be fierce, just like you!

Say goodbye to lackluster beauty routines and hello to the exciting world of indie clean beauty. Fill your skincare vault with only the best of the best with the Clean Beauty Awards Ultimate Guide 2023. From 455 products to 109 finalists to 24 winners, you'll never have to worry about where to look for your next favorite stash.

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