How Crystal Infused Perfume is Offering a Spiritual Element to Natural Fragrance

How Crystal Infused Perfume is Offering a Spiritual Element to Natural Fragrance

Buck Naked’s Lemon + Lavender Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is more than just a pretty smell
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Melding the power of aromatherapy, the energy of crystals and the luxury of self care, this spiritually infused skin care is unlike anything else. Artisan made crystal cases for perfume is just one of clean beauty brand, Buck Naked’s innovations. They are creating distinctive products that go beyond physical beauty.

Buck Naked is a brand on a mission to create sustainable, high quality, luxury soaps, bath and body products. Their Lemon + Lavender Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is a testament to their thoughtful and compassionately created products. The formula they have created includes the purest essential oils and artisan crafted packaging. Specifically developed with aromatherapy, meditation, relaxation and spirituality in mind, Buck Naked’s perfume oils stand out among similar products in their category. We chatted with their founders about what makes their Lemon + Lavender Crystal Infused Perfume Oil so amazing.

How does Buck Naked represent ‘Clean Beauty’?

Just like being Buck Naked, clean beauty is raw and daring to be unadulterated, to bare it all, to go back to the basics. We want to show that small commitments and choices matter, that more just equitable and healthy existences for all starts with self-care.

From the packaging to the product this crystal infused perfume oil is powerful. What is so special about your ingredients?

Our Lemon + Lavender Crystal Infused Perfume Oil is simple in its ingredients and yet complex in its notes. On their own they are citrus and floral, but blended together in the right proportions, they create the softest and sweetest of scents.

The unique packaging of this product can also be considered an ingredient. We intentionally chose crystals as the bottles for the oil. They come in direct contact with the perfume oil, infusing it with the energies of the crystal. For those that believe in, or practice in crystal healing, this is a powerful opportunity for the aromatherapy benefits of scent and the earthy energies to come together.

How do the the essential oils you use help comsumers?

The essential oils used in this perfume oil are specifically for scent. However, they are also essential aromatherapy elements to calming, reducing stress and invigorating the mind. The innovative crystal points are not only zero waste, but they also double as a Gua Sha tool for improved circulation and lymphatic drainage. In addition, they are an amazing meditative tool to focus your energy and centre yourself.

Our perfume oils are suitable for all skin types. We have created the perfect blend of essential and carrier oils. This ensures the perfect scent without sacrificing gentle, sensitive skin-friendly properties.

How do you source your ingredients for ultimate quality?

All of the ingredients we use in our products are sustainably sourced. We take great care in selecting the highest quality essential oils. Our lemon essential oil is sourced from a Florida farm. Whenever possible, we work directly with distributers who are the direct source of the ingredients.

What made you choose to create this product?

Our understanding of scent blending and overall love of scent, led us to create the perfume oil line, including our Lemon + Lavender. One of our best selling products is our Lemon + Lavender Perfume Oil.

Where should this perfume be used on the body? How else can it be used?

The best way to use our perfume oil is by placing a small amount on pulse points. These points on the body are slightly warmer than the rest of the body and help amplify the scent. The crystal bottle is also a Gua Sha tool. We suggest it be used along with facial oil to help smooth the facial skin and work though fascia tensions.

Buck Naked is a mindfully produced and sustainable brand that is making unique and purposeful clean beauty products. Their carefully selected ingredients and intentional formulas are what make them so unique. Their Lemon + Lavender Perfume Oil isn’t their only amazing product. Their Lavender Facial Oil is another product worth exploring.

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