JYano is Proving that Soothing, Frizz-Free Hair Can Be Achieved Naturally

JYano is Proving that Soothing, Frizz-Free Hair Can Be Achieved Naturally

JYano’s Smooth Hair Oil Complex isn’t just effective, it is also an aromatic experience
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Fighting frizz and smoothing hair has long been the work of toxin-laden, keratin based products. Unlike skin care products, natural hair care has taken longer to emerge. Thankfully JYano is solving our hair woes, having discovered effective natural hair care options that double as aromatic masterpieces.

JYano is an earth friendly professional hair care line that is formulated with natural ingredients and exotic humectants. Their Smooth Hair Oil Complex is a testament to their incredible products. The ingredients include non-greasy, light weight and nourishing oils directly from nature itself. Specifically developed to improve smooth, unruly hair, JYano’s hair oils stand out among similar products in their category. We chatted with the brand’s founders about what makes their impressive formula so impactful.

What makes your products so earth and people friendly?

We fully embrace the concept of clean beauty. We do this through the careful selection of natural and organic raw materials and botanicals. We avoid toxic ingredients and look for ethically sourced and sustainably procured materials. We choose all of our ingredients with a mindful respect of the environment and overall wellness.

What is the single most powerful ingredient you use?

There is nothing more powerful than healing potential of nature. One standout ingredient is our USDA Organic Inca Inchi® Lipactive derived from an Amazonian plant used during the Incan period. It is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and it has a patented Lipactive which is the richest known source of Omega 3.

How does Smooth Hair Oil Complex perform?

Our hair oil envelopes hair in a nourishing cocoon of nutrient-rich oils that fight frizz and fly-aways which are common in heat or color-processed hair. Coarse hair will instantly feel super-smooth and glossy, with enhanced manageability that makes this 100% organic restorative oil a must have.

What type of hair is Smooth Hair Oil perfect for?

Smooth Hair Oil is daily essential for coarse, dry, heat or colour-processed hair in need of deep conditioning. While it can be used by finer hair types for split end management, it should be used sparingly to avoid volume reduction.

What sets this product apart from similar products on the market?

Finding non toxic hair care is not simple task. Our 100% USDA Organic Hair Oil is unique in that is offers premium carrier oils fused with Phospholipids and Lipactives (typically used only in skin care products). This product does not contain artificial preservatives, fragrances, colours or petroleum derivatives, yet performs beautifully.

What research and experience helped you to create this product?

Our Hair Oil was developed by award-winning master stylist, Jay Yano. This product is the result of 30+ years of hands on experience evaluating what the hair needs to be healthy and vibrant. Inca Inchi Lipactive was carefully examined in this clinical study.

How can consumers use this product most effectively?

Smooth Hair Oil Complex can be applied on both wet or dry hair. Hair oils should avoid the root area as it can cause hair to look flat and reduce volume. It can also be used during a scalp treatment directly onto the skin. When massaged for a period of time the oil will absorb, helping combat scalp dryness and flakiness.

Smooth Hair Oil helps hair to look and feel amazing. Both an aromatherapy oil and hair conditioner, you'll be amazed how great your hair can look when pampered by natures finest ingredients. It is an absolute 'must have' for coarse or frizzy hair.

JYano offers products that nurture hair stressed by daily blowouts, heat styling and chemical treatments. They believe that you can optimize hair quality and manageability without compromising ingredients. Their mindfully developed products are a direct result of many years of research and experience. Their Smooth Hair Oil Complex isn’t their only amazing product. Their CONTROL Weightless Hair Spray is also worth checking out.

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