Learn How Prebiotics are Making Body Odour a Thing of The Past

Learn How Prebiotics are Making Body Odour a Thing of The Past

Rustic Maka’s Deo Duo and their own BiodomePro Prebiotic formula is the key to new age, natural skin care that works
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Prebiotics and probiotics are rapidly becoming a staple in our lives. Our natural microbial systems are proven to be the solution to a variety of health issues. From gut to mental health and now, skin health, prebiotic blends are an incredible clean living remedy. Rustic MAKA discovered the full power of prebiotics in the formulation of their MAKA’s DEO DUO; A deodorant that is using the power of science to remedy body odour.

Rustic MAKA makes natural deodorants and body care products that are intended to help reclaim their customer’s health and well being. Their very own BiodomePro™ Prebiotic combined with natural butters and fortifying minerals is what makes their brand stand out. We spoke with Rustic MAKA founders to learn about what makes their MAKA’s DEO DUO so unique.

What is so special about MAKA’s DEO DUO?

Bad body odor isn’t easy to face, and when you are faced with an embarrassing problem that is evident to everyone around you, you become determined to find the right solution. Rustic MAKA’s DEO DUOs are this solution. They are the first-of-its kind, a 2-in-1 natural deodorants layered with two unique scent combinations in one container. Our Mystic River and Clean Bliss blend is a winner. You start your journey off with blissful Clean Bliss layered on the top half of the bottle and finish with refreshing Mystic River layered on the bottom half. This invigorating adventure focuses on an all-day odour protection power of prebiotic blend. Each deodorant stick is carefully thought out to seamlessly fit into any health-conscious customers life.

What is BiodomePro™?

Our BiodomePro™ Prebiotic blend contains unique properties from two powerful ingredients, chicory root and baobab powder. This unique blend supports good bacteria under your arms. It keeps your under arms healthy reduces odour and controls bad bacteria, which cannot metabolize this specific prebiotic.

How do you define Clean Beauty?

Clean Beauty means products packed with simple yet powerful botanicals, minerals and vitamins that nourish your skin. It means products filled with high quality ingredients that are ethically sourced and can provide results without sacrificing the environment.

What are the most powerful ingredients in MAKA’s BiodomePro?

Rustic MAKA’s BiodomePro Prebiotic formula focuses on cultivating the good underarm bacteria. Our proprietary blend of baobab and chicory root create a nourishing environment in order to battle the body odor, where good bacterial can thrive without the interruption of the skin’s acid mantle. Each of Rustic MAKA's natural deodorant sticks is formulated with butters and oils, fortifying minerals, nutrient-rich botanical extracts that nourish and balance the underarm skin. They are scented with essential oils and plant-based isolates, which makes them synthetic fragrance-free. These ingredients are transformed into effective and good-for-the-body products that actually work.

What knowledge led you to this formula?

Just like your gut, your skin microbiome can become imbalanced, leading to an array of skin conditions which typical products do nothing more than cover up. Your underarms can become susceptible to that same imbalance, if not properly cared for. Your skin’s microbiome is the living ecosystem of microbes residing on your skin (the epidermis) responsible for keeping your skin healthy and balanced. There are good, bad, and neutral living microbes on your skin, each affecting every single person differently. The microbes on your skin (also known as skin flora, or bacteria) are determined by both the surface of your skin and the bacteria present. Depending on which microorganisms are there, you may experience various skin conditions or disorders. However, the better you take care of your skin by creating a thriving microbiome, the healthier your skin will be.

How should this product be used?

Less is more. Therefore 1-3 swipes per underarm is all you need for all-day freshness. It is best to apply right after showering on clean, dry skin and allowing the deodorant to fully absorb. You can also massage your underarms for faster absorption and to stimulate your lymph nodes.

Try using it on your feet and any other part that gets sweaty for extra freshness and odour protection.

Rustic MAKA offers high-quality products that go beyond today’s standards of natural. Through the use of non-toxic ingredients, effective formulas and no animal testing, Rustic MAKA is creating nourishing and impactful products. Their Deo Duos aren’t their only amazing product.  If you are looking for another gem, try their Take Two to Mango Body Scrub.

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